Update 4.2 First Impressions

I cant really remember last time I made a actual post on VG in game experience :thinking::sneezing_face: but I played some games on my two accounts and it was for once pretty fun.

My first match for the patch

Seeing my first game is with Anka, Ill start off with her.

100% best change in my opinion. I actually farmed like when she was first released, easy wave clearing, and it was like magic.

After my first item :vgitem_shatterglass:, I cleared waves as if it was a hot knife cutting through butter. And I was the first person out of the whole game to have a full build. obviously the opposite Anka decided to get two shatter for the price of no :vgitem_brokenmyth: and to that it was her loss when it came to killing me.

Note for Cain: NEVER get any attack speed items. Or maybe to the most one or two. As the recommended builds shows, its better to have raw wp damage because if you have lag, you WILL end up accidentally using two shots instead of the intended one leaving you one bullet less than what it should have been.

WP Kinetic ripped through my whole team as if it was Kensei on release.

One thing I found was that when we were teamfighting, my phone lagged a CRAZY amount like when VG had the mirror match with Kestrel and her Glimmershot chaos. That right there started to heat up mu Iphone.

Anyways after a few more matches, Ill go back to my AoV since I need something refreshing.

So what do you forumers think about 4.3 in your first few matches?

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Also assuming you mean 4.2 … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got two fat rips.

One that needed a mod edit and another from Guest who changed my title cuz it wasnt the right patch…


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I got Kurokage Idris and you guys “SOMEHOW” gave DIMTI Infernozo (Totally not intentional at all :ozo:), so we’re both super happy rn. Cain is a LOT better than I expected (Meta health-wise). He is not the blowout insta won card I thought he was so far and that’s a great thing.



For the thread: golden chests give old content, and the idris skins isn’t that good, I don’t understan why it’s legendary, no new animations, just colour changes, so meh. That was the only thing I was interested it.

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TOTALLY AGREE. Both his A and C are skill shots that are aimed. They are not click and Auto lock. I dominated Caine twice as Anka in lane. Lost both games because my teammates ADKed or just absolutely stunk. Still, he was not OP at all.

I got it from the chest and woth the ICE rebate I spent very little overall, so I am happy. I do think it is also epic. It only has minor effect changes and the AA sound is different

Yep, should had been epic. It’s not worth 2600 ice. Very disappointed, I was more exited by that skin that what I’ve been with entire patches since… 2.8 update? So a big rip for me.

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The XP boost is significant. I was level 27, almost 28. After completing my first game (a 5v5 casual) I am now 28 and about half way to 29. I will say, if I was a long time vet who grinded up to 40, and now newer players can climb like it’s nothing… Not sure if I’d be thrilled. I feel like there’s a little pride being level 40. Could just be me though.

I got it at less than a rare price, so hooray for me ig lol

Give it time, people though the same with Anka and we all remember what happened with her.

And Magnus, but hey, at least he takes a little getting used to at the very least

His A is also low range and very punishable unlike a certain other hero (Cough Kinetic cough)

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Caine isn’t as bad as I thought he was. But his late game is atrocious as expected.

The funny thing though is that people have to start getting used to having limited AAs. Both cains in my first match kept getting killed since they initiated and ran out of bullets.

Though the best part about Cain is that you can hear when the player trying is to AA but that cant cuz that have no bullets. :rofl::joy:

I laughed hearing them spamming their AA while I was waiting for my CDs to be off. :crazy_face:

(The sound when they use a AA with no bullets is a clicking sound for those who haven’t played yet)


Atleast we got discount now, so it’s actually cheaper (around 2050 ice).

Based on my first two matches in cas, I have to agree that Caine isn’t nearly as broken as I expected him to be. Played against him in top as WP Ozo and he was really easy to deal with. His lane clear is pretty bad earlygame, so I just focused on pushing a lot. In addition, sustain heroes seem to do pretty good against him because they can get some free lifesteal off of him while he’s reloading and he’ll have a hard time getting their health into execute range.

My feeling on Caine, without having played him yet (outside of Practice) is “Finally a gunslinger/ADC which requires to be good with abilities” unlike the others which requires to be good at stutterstepping, which is a nuisance for me.

The fact that Last Rites is fixed range makes it potentially the hardest to land skillshot in the game (ok, it still damages on its path, but the execute effect is hard to land), and bullet management seems to be very interesting too.

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I will just point something: his late game is pretty strong (as Kensei was on release), he seems balanced right now (as Kensei on release)… do you know what I mean?

Give it time

Say that to Silvernail.

He actually feels kinda…balanced. Heroes that heal a lot do very well against him as he has a harder time executing, so anyone who can abuse Eve well (Cough cough CP Kinetic) and stay at a safe range can out poke him a lot. He is obviously a MONSTER in the late game, but his early game is very VERY weak. Weaker than most carries, so you can try to play around that. His model on PC also looks pretty good.

He also has some very meta voice lines. He even mentions how he looks like a clown!

My favorite is “And THIS is how the mafia works”