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Update 4.0, San feng, 3v3 casual removed, new skins


On the move, so can’t type much here, but I totally agree on BR’s strategy and the negatives of turtling. Also, I’ve only played a few ARAMs, but I like it so far, quite a bit. I was a big fan of BR, and this seems like a pretty good replacement. I love having a little bit of jungle to use too, it’s a great way to flank and diversify the approach instead of just non-stop seigeing. Seiging? Siege-ing? Is that a word? You know what I mean.

The only thing I don’t like with ARAM so far, and I’ll have to see if this becomes a real thing over time, is that sometimes it’s too tough to break 5v5 standoffs in front of turrets. Diving against 5 is suicidal, and there’s more chance the enemy will have enough wave clear in their random comp to halt a chip damage strat. But we’ll see if that’s actually a concern or just game mode debut jitters.


So Xeno said his A is both a counter and charge type ability.
I would’ve preferred if SEMC just left his A to only Dash+Stun if he gets hits during his stance but that ain’t happening also the range his A covers quite a lot of distance so how’s anyone gonna runaway from that?

On a personal note, I feel like they should’ve gave his A to Kensei’s B ability when he goes into kenso stance(AKA the stance that provides one of the most useless fortified health in game).


Just wait and see… No matter what your opinion is, they will implement almost all of that notes


That woulda caused riots, and even SEMC aren’t stupid enough to not realise this. Not that removing casual won’t, but removing ranked is definitely worse.


Well, okay then. I guess I’m too stupid to realize that, apparently.


The way I see it, if they did remove Ranked 3v3 just a patch before the season turns; the riots will be much larger.

After all, we are supposedly getting another Contender skin next season if we get to Tier 6 on either Ranked queues this season.

Not everyone wants to play 5v5 Ranked, so removing 3v3 Ranked and by proxy their chance to get that Contender skin can be seen as offensive to a large portion of the people who want that skin but are unable to or unwilling to commit time to get to Tier 6 on Ranked 5v5.

They could appease people by saying they’ll get the skin anyway if they removed Ranked 3v3, but that would just be seen as rushed and could also cause potential problems that are overlooked cause their attention are now spread across multiple platforms.


The problem isn’t the skin. 3v3 players play ranked more than casual by a large margin, according to SurpriseBirthday, 3v3 players are hardcore players. You can’t remove the most played mode. Very few play casual compared to ranked.


Sorry buddy. Didn’t mean it like that, had a bit of a brainfade tbh, didn’t even realise what I was writing.


I don’t know if we should discuss 3v3 casual in a new thread or not , but my opinion is the removing of 3v3 casual is a step towards removing 3v3 ranked , they want new players to come to 5v5 and dry out 3v3 until we the 3v3 community remain the same and quit , no new blood , and of course make it chaos if someone new wants to 3v3 , they put them with experienced players then they have no choice but move to 5v5 casual .


That’s why I am so worried about the removal of 3v3 casual :cry:


It is a worry for some, but not others. I’m starting to understand SEMC’s perspective more and more. I’ve run clubs and programs myself. Sometimes, your vision and mission change. As a leader, you try and do what you think is best for your company’s vision. Not every decision you make will please everyone. The worst way to run a company is to do that.

If SEMC wants to go 5v5 as their main format for competitive play, I support that as a longtime MOBA player. If they want to utilize other game modes for those who need or desire shorter versions of a MOBA style game, I support that too. Clearly, the 3v3 community will be disappointed. That doesn’t make it wrong of SEMC to do what they’re doing.

What I don’t appreciate is if this is their vision, which it seems to be, that they aren’t being forthright and just come out and state it. With that said, and to play devil’s advocate, they are perhaps trying to slowly and discretely do so in the hopes that a portion of their 3v3 player base tries 5v5 more, likes it more, and will continue to play a game. An abrupt change or announcement would alienate that player base even quicker than what has already happened.


Well we asked for a separate balancing and we got the casual removed , the casual removing is an indirect way of making ranked the new casual which with time make ranking pointless and people quit , so the decision is clearly wanting to turn the 3v3 to a brawl mode .

I think instead of making the 3v3 dies , you need to ask yourself why people prefer it over 5v5 , make 5v5 better and people going to move there or play it , 5v5 means nothing to me , my impact in the game way better in 3v3 , 3v3 has clear roles , clear strategy , fun fights , yeah it’s a snowball and quick right now , but semc can fix this , it’s their attempt to make it die faster , and they probably going to add more things make it die before the summer .


Killing the mode they play doesn’t make them enjoy more the other one, and if they don’t enjoy it, they won’t play it. Instead of killing it, as @LegendaryE said, they should ask themselves why they dislike the mode, until then, killing it only means losing players. I’m yet to find a pure 3v3 player that is thinking to play 5v5 instead of just leaving.


Ok… I guess? This doesn’t mean I have to agree with their decisions, 3v3 was my main mode, so for me, this is the END, that’s why I don’t like this change. They could foccus on 5v5, but the elimination of 3v3 was not needed. 3v3 was dying slowly, no need to accelerate it, which is what they have done.


I can sympathize – 4.0 removes the only two modes I play, so I’m going to be left with Rumble and the occasions when one of the rotating event modes appeals to me. Sigh … I was finally back into the game after months and months of not playing regularly.


Anyone have any idea as to why Lance is getting buff on his WP build???


White was “buff WP Lance,” black was “nerf WP Lance” …


Lmao. This buff just seemed so random. Maybe more lance skins incoming?


I agree. But then I think a good number of the balance changes each patch are inexplicable … I always chalk it up to the fact that I’m a mid tier player and don’t come close to the maximum potential of most heroes.


Like almost every change in any new patch done by Zekent and Sonata. I stopped trying to guess the “why” behind any change they’ve done