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Update 4.0, San feng, 3v3 casual removed, new skins


I like San Feng but I don’t really understand why people want the nerf on him already. Sure his B damage is a lot but the channeling leaves in a position where you can runaway. Remember Excoundrel was playing against bots who would just stand in the B. His A is just a somewhat different Tony A. His only reliable things would be the taunt-like Ult and the fortifed health. Remember the fort health is OP but he can’t necessarily use it to its full power because he’s patient, it’s not like Reim’s.

I feel he’s going to be used as a tank and not a bruiser. Which would be cool, keep getting Sion vibes from him.


His B has more damage than Magnus ult and with less cooldown, don’t you see any problem there?


Honestly, removing 3v3 casual and ARAL would be less of a problem if we didn’t have to wait for the weekend to get a chance at it. They should have revolving event modes, which will now include those two, but make them consistent, lasting EVERY three days or so. That way there is always an event mode open and 3v3 casual and ARAL will be available more frequently


Those in the beta think it’s op, and for them to see a hero op it needs to be broken, remember they didn’t see anything strange with kensei, joule (this update) or WP Varya. If they think it’s op seeing their history…


3v3 casual is not a rotating mode


Hence my “which will now include those two” - I believe making it one would reduce backlash

Edit - Reread my wording and I agree that I didn’t make that clear


Is there an Ylva nerf that’s not in the patch notes? All I’m seein is a buff to the run speed and weapon speed on her B. No mention of any nerf as the patch notes are right now.


Reim can gennerate 20% of his hp as fortified health and he’s really hard to take down, san feg can generate 100% of his hp as fortified health for 6 seconds just let that sink in… Plus the hitbox on his B is gigantic it more than compensates for the channeling time it doesnt look that hard to hit at all. Its not only his B that deals a shit ton a damage, his ult and A also hit like a truck. So you have insane tankiness, insane damage, hard cc, 4 seconds imunity to cc, san feg is as broken as it gets.


That’s exactly what I said. Now, he could be stunned or silenced to interrupt him casting his abilities in succession, but you still have to get through his 100% fortified health over the next 2s while he’s stunned before he just re-ups his barrier by casting his next ability.

I just don’t get it. I think even a 25% barrier for casting EVERY ability for 2s is OP. They’re doing 100…

Like I’ve said, I’ll stay positive, play this next patch, and do my best to have fun. Out of principle alone however, I am banning this hero as often as I can.


They changed the patch notes. Originally they were going to remove the bonus damage against cced enemies.


Reim can generate 40% of his health


That would have been a disaster. She’d need her whole kit reworked to go without that.


I’m just glad bruisers and bruiser players are getting a little love this patch. Top lane got buffed 2 patches in a row? I’m a happy man.


I hope that this 4.0 brings new players as right now I am losing desire to play… first game:
My team: t10s, 4 t10b
Enemy team: t10g, 2 t10s, t10b, poa gold

I think it’s pointless to describe how that went and only one of us, t10b, was 2500… the others where around 2400

Second game:
My team: 4 t10b (all below 2450!!), poa gold
Enemy team: t10g, t10s, close to silver t10b and 2 poa gold

Absurd, this is no fun, just waste of time and frustration.


Because many many many more people play Blitz than BR because it’s a great mode with a lot of flexibility in how you play.

They removed the two least payed modes, simple as that. And they to balance talents every 2-3 updates, i dont know what you mean.


I think he’s getting at the idea that talents are inherently unbalanced in the sense that someone with high level talents can steamroll a no/low-level talent holder while playing less skillfully. I don’t think it’s always as cut-and-dried as that, but there’s a reason high elo blitz play descends into max talent sweaty cheese comps. You could also say that Blitz requires far less strategic depth that BR, since the randomness demands that players utilize suboptimal comps to find a real multitude of efficient and effective strategies that change with every combination of heroes… At least, I would say that.


Ok, so I finally read the patch notes. Here’s a few things I thought:

  • Kensei’s change mught actually be good
  • Item changes were all warrented except minion candy removal
  • Are they trying to make CP Krul a thing? Why on earth would they try to make CP Krul a thing?
  • What have they done to Lyra’s ult?

A little bit more on the items: Nullwave Gauntlet, fine. I’ve literally never seen it used, other than in esports, back when that existed. While I’m kinda dissapointed about the contracts and am against these changes (d’you have any idea how fun Dragonblood contract firstbuy on Flicker or Grace with an ally SAW used to be?), I know most of the community had been requesting this for a while now, so fine. Minion candy removal tho… What? Why?


I agree so much on this. In my region (SEA), there are two guilds that have members that dominate the Blitz rankings for ages.

Their names unironically fit the bill - ‘The King of Blitz’ (KOB) and ‘The Queen of Blitz’ (QOB). The KOB is the main body while QOB is a sister guild I believe.

One thing I am sure of is that if there is a hero released with busted and cheesy Talent (e.g. Ylva’s Epic), you can expect to see a few of the KOBs have that maxed within 2 to 3 days of the update drop.


Blitz to me is either rush objectives at blazing speed so that opponents can’t react (e.g. Lance Epic Talent crystal sentry rush, Kestrel’s Rare middle sentry or turret rush) or run a combination of Talents that is basically “you don’t get to play this game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:” (e.g. Silvernail’s Legendary, Ardan’s Legendary, Ylva’s Epic or Kestrel’s Rare).


ARAL is generally like that, yes.

However, one strategy I see employed quite often is just turtling and not engaging. This tends to be applied when the team comps don’t have a lot of kill pressure and/or they are fragile.

This to me is what makes my ARAL matches boring. There’s only so much we can do before something goes for either team’s favor.

Another thing I want to say that ARAL overtime to me saw less and less strategy being employed and more of a kill fest.

Even though ARAL has been out for a long time, and I get teammates who have been in the game a long time; a lot of players still don’t understand that killing an enemy without getting any benefit out of it (such as getting lots of damage on the turret) is going to come back to haunt them (literally, especially if that player has farmed well before being killed).

I don’t quite see people ever stating that to win in ARAL, the best way is to keep your enemies alive as long as possible while your team farms and rotate deaths so each can get the items they need. Killing and ACE’ing only comes when the team can push and for sure get the win.

These reasons are why I find ARAL kind of annoying to play most of the time. Aside from that, Talents increase the annoyance cause you know, Talents. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Speaking of randomness, I find ARAM to be much enjoyable not only because of the absence of Talents, but also the way they shaped the map, the objectives on it and the larger team size.

  • Map shape.

I didn’t expect there to be some spaces to the sides where teams can set up ambushes, attack from different angles and/or fight in to gain an advantage.

It’s pretty deceptive what you can do with those spaces but they are also not the be all end all for some team composition.

The lane still holds a priority, where teams can continually pressure to draw out enemies from their side jungle attempts at a strategy.

The jungle does enable loop around flanks if teams are smart though, and with the Lyra teleport change in the coming patch, that becomes even more viable.

  • Map objectives.

Having only 3 turrets, 1 armory and the vain crystal makes for a fast game.

ARAL games can at times have a fast objective rush if a team had good positioning in terms of the minion wave and got a superb team fight off.

If not, it usually leaves the two vain turrets up and the teams end up baiting and waiting.

ARAM’s lower number of objectives makes it easier to close out the game.

A turret take means a faster push and less room for the enemy team to maneuver because the sides become smaller and smaller.

Even if a team doesn’t manage to get past the armory due to respawn times, the armory takedown contributes towards closing out the match because it boosts minion waves.

The combination of the map shrinking and expanding when entering the base makes for an interesting game where you get a greater chance of just suppressing the enemy team the more objectives you take but also offers a chance for the enemy team to fight back when the map opens up again at their base.

  • Team size.

The team size I think is what makes ARAM feel much better than ARAL.

There are more teammates to help you so you are never left to fend for yourself, you have more meat shields to hide behind, you have more people to do the damage for you etc. There’s just so many more things you can do with an extra two people.

Plus, the larger amount of players meant that farming is not as a big of a thing though important. Farming in ARAM is quite a challenge because everyone’s fighting for a piece while the enemy team is poking at them and disrupting the farming. This, of course, applies to both teams.


That’s just my take on stuff. Went on a bit of a rambling here. :stuck_out_tongue:


The most unnecessary change of them all.

It did what it needed to do effectively. But once again they changed something that was already fine and it ended up ruining CP Lyra more. And they really didn’t care for what what would happen to 3v3 with this change. Rn I doubt separate balancing will happen. They said they might do it but thats no guarantee.

The real reason they changed it is because it was to complicated to balance it out. Why implement something that would be so hard to balance??? :potoo:

It was originally a thing until WP was strong enough. Not saying that WP wasn’t already strong enough but what path would you choose? Obviously the stronger one.


Agree 100% with your long winded :wink: take on ARAM.

(j/k, btw … hope you realize that)