Update 4.0 Early Impressions

Also I dislike how they don’t have the free chests quick link on the main window anymore (from the previous update). Now to check if chest is ready, you need to go to market, click tab, scroll to the bottom. Lovely, and they marketed the idea to have a quick link to the free chests… overall rushed/untested/not ready updates from the summer till now, I feel.


3v3 is offically dead thanks guys…
now im tier 5 silver and my mates are tier 3 gold… So im loosing and ripping out my hair


Lol Taka can still heal himself while invisible (not as just a talent O.o) if what the text says is correct lol.

Since when did Rona get a massive buff??? Semc are you hiding secret hero changes from us :crazy_face:

Also Rona is still garbage in 5v5. They should just change her kit to suit 5v5 better and say **** it to 3v3 hero balancing. Like Reim


Wow her numbers look pretty decent now. On another note, don’t think can’t see you trying to cover up that KDA in the second photo uwu, not that it really even matters anyway


Rona is trash in 3v3, and 3v3 is gonna die in few days or weeks so… They shouldn’t be scare of breaking Rona in 3v3

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Reim no longer gains FH, so now I can’t call him Reim. Kensei… He does better against range carries than against tanks or bruisers, so I don’t feel him like a tank slayer anymore, his barrier was cut to half and, although his early game is better, his late game scaling is really lineal, so right now is just another bruiser, his uniqueness has gone

About kensei, what does 10 to 20 percent damage mean on his perk? How does it work?
If I buy single health item and have extra health over max health does he get the bonus?

Edit: boots give extra health so its unavoidable.

That passive makes him deal 10-20% more damage to any Hero that has higher máximum health than him. That means that if you buy a lot of health items and he doesnt, if he has less health than you he Will be dealing more damage to you. Its anti tank heroes as they build a lot of health.

Imagine this situation: Kensei deals 200 damage per AA and has 3000 health. Against a squishy target with less than 3000 health he will be dealing 200 damage, but against a tank with more than 3000 health It will deal at level 12 20% more damage, so 200*1.2= 240.


Thanks for explanation. If your max health > kensei max health he does bonus damage. The line that explains this perk isnt very clear.

Actually this is something that also worth noting - SEMC tends to not give exact numbers to A LOT of effects and hero perks. This is NOT ok, every other MOBA gives you the option to check all the stats in detail if you search for them! This is essential for a top players that actually calculates and think on higher level. Even some of us that are more involved, well I want to know the exact numbers and not that “X skill apply decaying slow for a brief moment and scales with CP”, I want “X skill slows linearly with 30%-0% in 3 seconds, the initial slow is stronger with 10% of the total CP” - something like that, details…


I actually think this time It was explained well enough. “10-20% more damage to heroes with higher maximum health” is exactly what It does.

10-20% based on the HP difference or kensei level or it’s hitting the 20% max at level 6 and stays like that? There you go, it’s not explained that good, but I agree that there are a lot worse examples for missing info.

It’s as well explained as Anka’s passive.

But why at lvl 6? It says nothing about the level.

The passive only mentions a damage boost with the condition of the target having higher maximum health.

Exactly, but this makes it not detailed as I want to know the exact dmg % I will deal in a given period of the game vs given target. How I can calculate that if I don’t know when it’s 10, when 20, are there any in between and so on?

10% at level 1, 20% at lvl 12, equal scaling. With that you can know the damage boost, then it’s just:

If Kensei’s Max health < target: damage= (Normal damage)*(1+(bonus/100)).

If Kensei’s Max health>target: Damage= normal damage


Idk how this got moved out of the Bug thread when this is obviously the Damage Display Bug that has plagued other heros (ex. Skaarf) and this patch it has appeared on Rona.


Yeah semc does random things in heroes description , like I was wondering the other day why you saying overdrive : gives black feather longer range on his B , while you not mentioning that on Celeste and reim A for example , they both gain longer range on A but not mentioned as overdrive in the description.

I think saying higher max health is a little bit vague. How can i know if they mean overall or vs kensei ( weak at english cant find better word).

P.S. Rona has additional attack speed as a perk and it isnt written nowhere by how much. I read on forums its 40 percent.

Wait , how you assuming it’s based on your damage and not the enemy health ?! , what if it’s like aftershock the bonus damage is based on the enemy health , so he deals additional 10% of the enemy health as a bonus damage ?! See as people said its not clear , we both could be right .

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