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Upcoming Hero San Feng - sneak peek


Adagio? Lyra? Fortress? Lorelai?


It’s not just you, I’m really surprised about how many bugs there are that haven’t been fixed immediately. I haven’t seen the infamous Alpha and Samuel ones in a while, but they were around for ages… Then there’s the current Skaarf and Taka bugs which should be hotfixed… I swear there’s an ambient gold bug as well, I’m not receiving all the gold I should be.


Adagio, Lyra, Lorelai?


30 character


@MacAulay @BiggyFoot

Lyra has a motherly feel to her and the rest still somewhat have a protective feel to them as well imo…


It’s not just you, the bugs are getting out of control and a lot of new ones made it into the game… and a lot more severe and obvious, affecting the game. This is something that puts off not only the veterans, but also makes a bad presentation of the game to the new players.


I guess it’s different perspectives then.
Adagio - looks like a mage. His splash art is what got my attention and played the game. Thought he was a mage, turns out he’s a support.
Lyra - when they released her splash, I thought she was going to be a mage, even though there were rumors that she is a captain.
Lorelai - she looks like a mage ok.
Fortress - because his design is basic and generic, he doesnt look like a captain.
Flicker - same as fortress.


Kung fu panda ripoff, really dislike that design.


Bugs like that leaded me to game loses and frustration. They really affect the gameplay in an obviously bad way. Dunno how a serious company can let them exist at all. For me they are hotfixing worthy and every serious game company will agree with me.


Same. Don’t like the idea of it at all. I don’t get why fat animals need to know Kung Fu. Might be fun for a cartoon but it doesn’t fit VG at all in my opinion. Anyway I hope gameplay is good though.


Ok, but this guy isn’t even fat. He’s literally jacked, looking like Iroh when he busted out of prison. Big body =/= fat


The chat bug is scary , I’ve seen people crashing the game for their teammates in fights to make them lose or afk , bugs like this make the game hard to play , and I have no idea if they fixed or not , Iam not touching the game until it fixed .


Its a Karate Kat!!!



Lorelai, Lyra, Adagio are captains.


Ik?.. I mean that they would have a captain with the look of something you would have never imagined to be a captain.

Like malene when she was in the testing phase. She had a kit that was almost the same as Lyras which is a AoE zone healer…



Reminds me of Lee Sin but now a cat


Sounds to potentially be a jungler with more health & defense like Rona, but possibly with some kind of catherine b mechanic, or maybe something interesting and new like for a kensho ability but if you basic attack him it during the duration it hurts the opponent double (and obligatorily stuns them). Maybe both.

I don’t like the design simply because he’s a cat. We have a cat (I do like his aesthetics but the fact that he’s a cat annoys me). Since they’re not worried about lore anymore they can take a few liberties with heroes. I’d like an actual mechanoid, not like saw. Or a golem. Or a freaking churn spirit monster or something. Anything but a human or a ‘beast’. But I’ll take the beast over a human.


I died laughing at this



Same, lol.

At least that’s one way to see the new hero.


Another captain no please, we have so many captains right now, I think we need real warriors