Upcoming game features VG VA!

Rooster Teeth Games is working on a new FPS with a pretty cool twist! It’s called Vicious Circle and doesn’t yet have a release date. (More info is coming this weekend at RTX, no doubt!)

Vainglory-related: Dave Fennoy, the voice of Baptiste, has just been announced as the fourth playable character in the game! :scream:


Evolve but the goal isn’t hunting the monster but instead getting rich and screwing over others, maybe. I like what this game is so far and hope this comes to consoles at some point


Not a big fan of colorful games but if RT is on it, it will surely be interesting.

Release date is next month!

Oh that looks so much fun to play and goofy and colourful, a giant chicken monster thing is hilariously cool. Sadly I can only look forward to seeing more gameplay of others playing it tho since it’s pc only

Vicious Circle is out on Steam!