Unorthodox “Roaming”

I am a self proclaimed “Roam King”. I don’t pretend to be the best yet I am pretty efficient. There are times though where I get the opportunities to play a role that isn’t very normal, but unusually gets the job done!

You may consider these “Troll Builds”, I consider these “Playing the Part”. I only play these “opportunities” when I’m put in the position to do so such as:

When I have already chosen a hero and the 3rd pick chooses a carry.

When playing brawl modes.

When my party has decided that it is OK to do so.

So here are my latest “Unorthodox Roam” builds. Some have worked…some have NOT!
Battle Royal



Upload your “Unorthodox” Builds…Lets compare!




Fun fact - Petal was at one point deemed in game as a roam/jungler.

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I can see that.
She has AoE heal and CC

In her original kit the seeds themselves had a healing field around them and were more persistent on the field.

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She was hella toxic! I honestly can’t believe some of the mechanics and hero design we had to put up with way back in the day!

What was Petal’s original kit? I don’t recall her Ult being an explosion but maybe it was. I don’t know, it’s been reworked a million times.

I myself like to do otherwise. fountain cath/fort with AS CW SG. fountain phinn with SG. or TB AS lance with fountain in blitz. its fun

Her ult has always been the explosion. They gave her trampoline as her B and her old A and B got merged into what her A is today (minus the old healing the seeds gave).

Passive: like what we have today
A: Place a seed, providing health regen for her and allies.
B: Makes all seeds become munions.
Ultimate: Explode for some massive damage.

Just kidding, Old passive is: after your munions attack a hero, if you attack him then you will have attack speed more than what Tornado Trigger provides.