Unmentioned 5v5 practice

Oh boy it’s time to do some friendly mini games and stuff on sovereign’s rise


Fairly sure this was announced. I swear Jinko said summin about it.

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Test out some walls too! And put your findings here:

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So, I was practicing in 5v5 just trying out different items on the dragons and slowly but surely, Red side minions pushed into blue side base and it was quite a snowball after about 13-14 minutes.

I know that 3v3 minions, if left alone, will balance out quite nicely, eventually taking out all turrets.

this is possibly a deliberate bias towards red side to counteract the slight disadvantage red side has historically speaking.

Anyone else notice this?

Also, another thing i noticed: Lance’s combat roll does Zero damage, which should be 30% WP according to update 3.3 patch notes.

Minions in 5v5 are drunk. I still can’t figure out how they push each other time to time

No comment on Lance’s missing WP ratio on his combat roll?

I’m not going to bother creating a whole thread if nobody cares about it… lol