Unlocking Essence Community Challenge

Get cracking all you Malene owners!

we’ll easily get if, 300k in one day? we just need an average of 236 703 for two days

for what? i dont have any bp i could spend the essence on :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Do it for the community~!!! Such selfish thoughts… I’ll throw in some free virtual hugs? haha.

how? o dont own marlis and i wont die for her.

then Go buy her then. it’s only 900 ice. ask your parents

nice one.
i am way too old for that…

i just dont want to put any more money in this game. they dont deserve it.

how about mining bitcoin then? free money.


i would never put that into vainglory.

Uhm… how do you earn money that way? The market is cornered, and you will end up spending more on electricity than the result is worth. Even if you ended up net-positive, the difference would be miniscule?

Am I missing something?

well, firstly you must invent a time machine and travel back to 1992. ( which is when i first heard of bitcoin) and plant the thought into your past self.

back then, bitcoin was worth nothing. i could litterally buy $10 dollars worth of bitcoin for 2 cents.

I was doing some ebay’ing… i was like, I would need like 100,000 bitcoin just to buy this $5 dollar thing… how things have changed.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, Some mathematicians proved that time travel is possible. Teleportation is also possible.

Oh, wait~! … there’s my future self right now… excuse me…

well, some clever guy uses the mining to heat up his loft. he claims its actually cheaper than using real heating devices but you cant really regulate it.

well, its also possible that time is circular, so you only have to wait for a really long time to talk to yourself.
btw, this “possible” means it doesnt contradict with any of the current known sience and none if thos possibilites can go further back than the existance of the time machine.
waiting really is your best bet.

well, it is only a mathematical theory and yet to be proven practically. Current science still doesn’t know what happens to matter in black holes, most agree all the laws of science break down.

Another theory that is quite interesting is the dimensions of our current universe and that our universe is just one of the billions within each black hole…

Or do you believe in Multi-verse theory. Lol.

this has nothing to do with believes, but a cirular universe is one possibility that actually fits with the current science.

did you know that math proved that an exact copy of yourself exists in the universe? we can determine the space we can observe and this is really small compared to the estimated size of the universe, so we can determine how far away from us there is a 99.999999999% chance of finding an exact copy of us…

never heard of a circular universe. But no doubt it would fit. is it backed by science?

The one i’m talking about was theorized after doing calculations on the event horizon of a black hole. After only witnessing a 2 dimensional event horizon, they calculated that our universe is the event horizon of a 4 dimensional universe.

To put it simply, they did observations on how light behaves around a black hole. what they found didn’t add up. It’s the most current and believable theory to date.

backed up by sience may be a bit too much. it is possible by your current understanding of science and of a few possibilities.
if we were a black hole, wouldnt our universe slowly lose mass and disolve as a regular black hole does?

well it doesnt really matter for us in the end, as humanity will fade away after bear man, little rocket man and orange man decide to nuke the earth…
:rocket::bear::small_orange_diamond:= :exploding_head:

denget i want essence not escience lessence

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well, y’know how they say the universe started as a “big bang”… they started to ask, what happened before the big bang?

this next part is just my understanding, not something i read, but something i think fits into the theory:

Black holes are the remains of a Star that has gone SuperNova - a.k.a - “big bang” . . . it is possible everytime a Star becomes a blackhole, it’s actually creating a whole universe.

big bang is simply the wrong way to name it. it wasnt a bang, as there was no room an explosion could happen in. it was the start of existence of space and time as we can observe it.
all our science stuff only works until the moment AFTER it happended, so we cant say ANYTHING at all about what happened before.
it could be that we are inside a black hole, but that brings the question on where this 4 dim hole came from. it might be the inside of another black hole…

exactly on point. :wink: we’re in a black hole, that’s in a black hole… etc etc. it just keeps going forever.