Unfortunate news for my streaming

So I set up my OBS to capture Danganronpa and tested it out by…playing the game. However, I noticed that my laptop grew hotter than the sun and even my web browser was lagging like crazy This is ONLY OBS btw. Not even streaming. I unfortunately think my current laptop may just be too weak to handle streaming altogether.

Time to save up for a half decent PC ig lol

or just save to get u a long lasting, high quality, state of the art desktop/laptop

Quality > Time imo

Obv I do not want it to only be half decent. It was a joke lol

Cause half decent is still better than this when it comes to streaming

I’ve got a laptop that grows hot enough to fry an egg. Here’s a tip: COOLING FANS. i have 2 blowing onto the area that heats up.

My laptop would literally crash in the middle of games. not anymore with the cooling fans set up. Either have one set up via a power cord. or if you have enough spare USB sockets, get a usb fan (what i do).

or just get one that’s built for laptops and neatly sits under your laptop and becomes sort of a stand. My laptop is about 7 years old now and still does everything. (the internal fan is DEAD and comes back to life randomly)

So if I am able to cool it my laptop will simply run better? I’ll try that