Unexpected 5v5 favorites?

Joule quickly became one of my goldies for 5v5. Never expected her to be so good in the game mode, but she’s AMAZING!!! Love playing her rn. Also, I am really glad Ozo is good right now in 5v5. He is very fun to play and is very rewarding when u get good at him. What about you guys?

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Grumpjaw with teleport boots and 30 characters


Joule only shines with Lance, who offers reliable CC in his A and B.

CP Joule*. WP Joule is great on her own

CP Joule is like aggressive support or offlaner his ult could change the situation when clash and i could handle two laner but i don’t know it’s more easier carry the team with WP Joule rather than CP Joule imo

Reim. I was got my first pentakill with him so I am learning him now and he does well against koshka too who is present in almost every single match I play

saw, baptiste, rona are doing really well.

Grumpjaw. I almost never played grumpjaw like ever in 3v3, saw one video on YouTube and tried him out in 5v5.
After the base wp buff on TB, he’s even more amazing and iam going to instalock jungle grumpjaw with lapdog skin and MAKE TEAM REZA VICTORIOUS!!!1!!


I’m playing 5v5 choosing random heroes every game coz I want to experience 5v5 pvp using all heroes. But JouleWP was amazing. The damage! She just deletes carries. And she can jump over alllllll the walls! Weeeeee!

Mid: Joule. I refuse to play Joule in any other lane, although WP Buff Joule is super nasty. She’s my go to mid laner tbh.

Bot: I don’t get to play this much ahh

Top: Grace. WP Grace is definitely not only incredibly OP but is the only WP Top Laner I feel confident on. She’s just… so OP.

Captain: Lance. I don’t see many people play Captain Lance, but he’s fantastic. If you can get to their backline in a fight, you can juggle them onto walls and CC them to oblivion. OR you can nope every Koshka, Rona and Krul into the next dimension.

Jungle: oof I never Jungle either

Honourable Mention: CP Baron mid. There is no other Baron.

This isn’t exactly unexpected for the community I’m sure, but, for myself it was CP Kestrel with Echo. Double snipes. Hot damn it’s fun.

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Flicker, joule, koshka and saw. Never imagine that heroes is god damn good on 5s map

I’m playing a ton of Joule, CP Kestrel, and Reza. All three can fill the top lane. Grumpjaw support because his lane gank is crazy good.

Crystal Powered Baron is amazing fun with echo. Nuking turrets and people twice from anywhere on the map

I might go try this right now.

I’m having so much fun and success with wp baptiste in 5v5 as a top.
Consistent damage, lifesteal, cc, good splitpushing,etc.

I wasn’t doing so well with glaive in 3v3 like ok at best but in 5v5 things are going pretty good with glaive.

Grumpjaw is also quite good now for me and is a really good split-pusher,

I’ve been seeing a lot of wp grace and should I probably try her out soon.

( Rona is also amazing in under many circumstances but I expected her to be quite good in 5v5 anyways)

For now my favourite has to be wp baptiste.
I used to play cp baptiste in 3v3 but I never really hit a point of being comfortable playing him.

Usually I go spellsword, poison shiv and breaking point.
The enemy’s gonna be in for pain if they ignore me during teamfights :smiley:

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Gwen, holy shit, so strong in 5v5. Won almost every game when I picked her

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Koshka is unexpectedly strong in 5v5, she scales so well even into the lategame now.
Saw, ringo, and vox are also really strong on bot lane, and mid cp vox is nasty.
Krul is ok, alpha is strong and i don’t know about bf, he’s good but not op.
Skye needs a lot of buff to be useful, her nerf in 3v3 just hurt her in 5v5, she dishes a lot of single target damage on 3v3, but theres 4 more people in 5v5, she’s so underwhelming since you can’t A>B>A>B again since the cooldown nerf on her B long time ago

Haha I’m wondering if any of the WP Grace was me. I had no idea many other people played her I’ve used her alot even back in 3v3. An early tension bow on her with a crit hurts really bad.

BF is actually surprisingly good despite the nerfs. Alpha is lowkey broken rn with WP. Also, everyone expected Koshka to be good in 5v5. Her buffs made her insane. I am just glad BF is not degenerate-good like he was before.

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