Undone Promise by SEMC

1 word only: Goldtoad. Where the hell is it?

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Weirdly, the model for him is in the game’s assets in 3.1 … no idea why he’s not actually in the game yet. Maybe animations aren’t done? Idk …


Chill It will come eventually.

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You can’t see him?

me neither


I know it’s old AF but now I think Taka is no longer the equavilent of JC in VG anymore. The Goldtoad has taken his place.

only the cool people get to see goldtoad

I can see him. Not in-game though.

He is in game problem is jungle creatures are now invisible until in the exact position of next to them not moving for a few seconds

Tired of seeing that ugly oak (no offense goldoak, love <3)

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