Understanding teleport boots

I failed miserably at using teleport boots in my most recent game.

How does it work? i clicked the boots and then i clicked my team… nothing happened.

does it get cancelled if you mis tap on the ground? what if your team is moving?

why is there no indication that it’s working ?

i ended up running all the way to the enemy base and I was late to the party and crystal was busted…

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I think it doesn’t teleport to allied heroes, only minions, cams and turrets. Use the minimap to see your target and then click on TP boots and then the minion/cam. It takes time to get used to it

Only minions, cams and turrets. Which is odd really, I expected it to work on allied heroes too. I feel like it should honestly, even if they weaken or remove the shield it provides when used on allies.

I feel ya. Teleport boots are not at all intuitive. I actually hate the way they work, because the damn mini map is so freaking hard to use. Plus, as mentioned above, WHY CAN’T I TELEPORT TO A TEAMMATE??


Yeah they’re tricky I’m like 50/50 most of them if it works…

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yeh i was kinda looking around for the closest thing to teleport to… and teammate was the most logical choice…

so turrets, minions and camera’s only… got it.

I guess it’s to prevent surprise attacks? but yeah, i think it would be good to teleport to any friendly… which includes teammates.

Problem is the 600 hp barrier you would grant an allied hero I guess…

Imagine getting fully spun up as saw and teleporting into a teamfight and finishing off everyone, or getting into the middle of a battle and red misting as a rona.

I can see it being abused to all hell, save for the player base’s definition of abuse, but I think it would almost be unfair if this was a possibility. :man_shrugging:

Teleport boots are OP as they are right now. Enabling teleporting straight to teammates will Break it IMMENSELY. As others have mentioned, it would ruin the surprise attack aspect. Also the jungle, which is a teleport neutral zone ( no minions, no turrets ) would be ruined. That’s why cameras exist. Using them strategically both for vision AND TELEPORTATION is what makes the teleport game much more interesting. Imagine a team engaging a dragon is suddenly discovered by an enemy player. Enemy team can either 1) Teleport to a camera placed by the one who discovered the engage ( thus the importance of a camera ) 2) teleport to nearby structure. This gives the engaging team time to decide whether to continue or disengage. Now imagine you could teleport to teammates. Entire gang would instantly pop up next to the dragon and gg. No skill, easy steal.


To be honest I expect this to happen at pro levels. Drop a camera and have him boot in.

This thread just reminded me that they exist, I haven’t even used them yet.

I saw that on DNZio’s video (screw this at least 30 characters lol)

So the original version did allow you to teleport to teammates.

It was also bugged. The bug was that it effectively stunned your ally while the teleport channelled - they couldn’t move, basic attack or use abilities. The day that they were added our almighty leader EdtheShred joined us in PBE testing - but… not in the testing discord. He played (as is often his wont) support Adagio. He rushed teleport boots (they had a lower cooldown at this stage as well) and kept porting to his allies to “save them”…

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth by PBE testers who were killed by their ally coming to “help” them without realising he was killing them by locking them in place to be focused on.

The ability to port to allies was removed - both to avoid triggering the ptsd that many testers suffer after that match and for the reasons mentioned by others in this thread - it simply makes them too easy and too powerful. For similar reasons the cool down went up considerably.


Reading this just remind me that teleport boot is exist. I never use it, i just find it useless for now. As i ever seen, the teleport animation should faster.

yeah they kinda suck. I tried selling ones I used and bought a new pair to have the CD reset and it was not.

They are useful if used properly. If you are the top lane and bot turret is taking a hit with teammates engaged elsewhere you can TP there giving a barrier to the turret as well as stopping a push. It has a long cooldown because it is gamechanging with the possibilities, they can be reduced a bit but is not a pick for everyone.

@idmonfish It’s really interesting to hear perspective from you guys who have played in early development! I would think teleporting to teamates would be a little broken too.

The cooldown could be a little lower though :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but it’s a really strategic item for naturally slow but somewhat bursty characters that are going to hold their ground, like Saw/Joule/Reim/Lyra/Petal/Baron. If the cooldown was lower it could help others too but atm it’s better for most others to stick with the other boots since it’s an emergency/coordinated push item rn.

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I’d love either a lower cool down or some form of an activatible sprint to be built in.

At this point it tends to be a situational late game game ending purchase or something for a split pusher to pick up.


Maybe just change the cooldown from 180 to 60 plus 4 seconds per minute of game time with a max of 150 seconds. This would make the cooldown scale and it could become an early-mid game item. The other option would be to increase armor and shield from 15 to 20, raise the max health from 150 to 300, and increased the base move speed 0.1 without a sprint. Several roams need as much health and armor as possible but could live without the sprint.

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