Unable to connect to EU servers

Uhm… title kinda gives it away. Is anyone else currently unable to connect to EU servers?

My connection seems to be mostly fine, otherwise, but who really knows these days…

i can’t connect in SEA.

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I can’t connect to any API sites to check my stats. But can still connect to game.

Yeah, API seems to be completely shot - that’s been reported on reddit, too. But no one’s mentioned the servers being down, which is a tad more crucial, I guess.

They’re aware and saying the issues are solved for now, per the Vainglory status twitter account https://twitter.com/vainglorystatus, but it’s probably worth following for any updates if the problems are still happening.

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The API has been down for over 24 hours at this point. The only response from SEMC to our reporting it was “it may take a while” [to troubleshoot].

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EU servers down again? Ad-money not enough to keep the servers running, I guess… kek. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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'suppose I have to start using Twitter, or something.

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