UMMM excuse me WHAT

The app just randomly closed in the middle of a match, and I got a notifcation that vainglory was AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED. MIDDLE OF A MATCH. The app shouldn’t even have that permission to begin with, besides the fact that it just threw me out of a game. I’m not too upset considering it was only ARAL, but I BETTER NOT get thrown into LPQ for this or my s–t is going OUT THE WINDOW. I don’t know if I should send a ticket to SEMC or what. Last thing I knew my game was up-to-date and I haven’t seen anything to make me think the app wasn’t functioning properly.

It finished downloading and nothing has changed that I can see. Just another addition to an increasingly long list of reasons vg on amazon is the Worst

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Whaaaa? I’ve never heard of such a thing! That’s crazy!!!

5 dots , 15 minutes each
Hehehe , no way they put you in LPQ for a brawl mode , I think the fastest mode give you LPQ is 5v5 ranked , I afked once and got LPQ .

I downloaded vg on my android phone and it asked for permissions , I think we reported this long time ago , it forced me to accept the permissions it’s so bad .

Untrue. You certainly put forth a lot of incorrect information.


Putting on my moderator hat :cowboy_hat_face:, I don’t think this really belongs in Salt Mine … I’m moving it to the main VG discussion category.

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Oh I thought since it was mostly complaining it’d go in SM, but maybe I should talk about the neglect for amazon users while I’m here and angery.

Not updating the app for months with no word about why or when it’ll be back is another good one for my list.

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Hmmm semc hotfixes things time to time if it’s really broken, but I haven’t seen a hotfix cause crashing before. Maybe latest hotfix caused it?

Haven’t heard about a hotfix, what was it for? (It still should have promted an update though, not automatically done it)

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The proposed changes for 2 heroes, lance and someone else, wasn’t actually applied even though it said in the patch notes, so semc said they’ll fix it.

No client hotfix has been released for 4.1 thus far. This sounds more like some Amazon Store weirdness.

I wonder how many others here use Amazon devices to play VG?

EDIT: A hotfix has apparently been issued but is not yet available on all platforms.

Actually I have it right here >_>

I just havent updated since it fills my storage more

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Iam answering his/her question not saying you not getting LPQ at all , I afked in all modes and 5v5 was quick punishment probably because of a lot of people report you because they care about their game , while brawl modes nobody going to report for Afk in a brawl mode , like I just played some ARAL games and didn’t downvote my teammates , even the afks I don’t downvote them in brawl modes , but I do that in ranked .

I stand corrected. It’s not showing up for my iOS devices, though. :frowning:

I saw maybe three people interacting with the tweet when they announced they updated VG. It’s been consistently garbage for as long as I can remember even before that, so I doubt many people are playing with amazon anymore. Amazon tablets themselves aren’t the best either, although they’re pretty cheap and decent, they don’t last the longest.

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Okay, it finally showed up in the App Store for me. Downloading it now. Do we know what it supposedly fixes?

Not one thing I learned from the description that informs me what they changed and fix and therefore…

Im not downloading useless data that takes up space

They said they’d sort the missing balance changes.

Server side instantly and then client side later in a hot fix.

Assumption therefore is that this is what’s changed, no doubt t they managed an extra bug though for good measure :slight_smile:

I tried Lyra in a bot match just now, and it seems that her AA speed is normal again and her Bright Bulwark once again stops dashes. Didn’t check any of the other bugs yet.

It’s ridiculous that we have no information on what their “hotfixes” actually do.

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