Ultimate unluckiness

Opened 20 nether Reza chests, got Booty slapped.

Saved 1200 for when the skin actually comes out for purchase.



they say patience is a virtue . lol.

don’t they cost 250 ice per chest? i would’ve stopped at 5

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Yea, but i CRAVE for this skin, plus i got 6 legendary blueprints like vox on ice, ice age glaive and such. Overall, not that bad. ( tons of opals and glory for upcoming summer party skins )


ya know what that means right? you just upped the odds for some lucky player to get it on their first go.

well. that’s lady luck for ya.

I opened the gates of heaven :joy:

Does every failed pull up the overall odds for anyone to get the skin? If so, when someone pulls, do the chances tank until people fail enough again?

I’m failing to see how this is unlucky


#drama #overexaggeration #MeWantReza

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i wouldn’t know. It’s just how it’s set. if somebody get’s it on their first go, then somebody’s going to have to open 10 to balance out the 10% win ratio.

and vice versa.

They really should include some kind of code for those who just keep buying. so they don’t feel cheated. open XX amount and it’s guaranteed to get it. BUT THEN AGAIN, that’s how casino’s make money. So it really is up to the individual to understand the odds.

i’d feel bad as well. but hey, that’s life.


That’s actually a really good idea

Unless the rates are based off of an rng and total number pulling the skin is 10% of the overall numbers

So you’re saying it works like a jackpot? I always thought that there was say one skin for every player, and you had to open boxes to find it, like an Easter egg hunt. “There is the skin in one of these boxes and you have to find it”, not “there might be a skin in a box, or you might just be bumping someone else’s chances by eliminating the boxes that don’t have it”.

no. its always the same pullrate for everyone at all times.
what other players do doesnt affect your pull and past action dont have an effect either.
there once was a bug allowing players to buy a skin chest even after they got the skin and they could get multiples of this skin (getting opelz instead of course).

when “90% chance to fail” really show what it means…


I pulled Netherknight in 4 chests

I actually got the blueprint from a quest chest on the day it came out. There goes all my luck for the rest of the year.


Year might be the rest of your vainglory lifespan


Yeah I know it’s RNG but I want the skin so badly and spent ice on it too ofc didn’t get it.

Ok not to rub it in but I just got nether Reza bp from quest chest

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