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UI update teaser


The new hero looks like lance but with hair and samurai sword


meanwhile, at SEMC headquarters, posters of Riot’s character designs are removed from the walls


It’d be pretty cool If they’d show your rank trophy in the top left


Uhm… are we all looking at the same screen-cap?

That’s precisely the same thing we have now, with the exception of the event / quest / chest menus being more accessible.
And while animations are nice, they’re eye-candy that does in no way improve the UI itself.

So if we hated the last iteration, why exactly do we like this one?


90 of a ui for most users is appearance. Honestly I don’t mind the current UI except for everything I regularly access is up top in an awkward small form


Play button has those weird-angle things, as does the user avatar thing to the left of the ICE/Glory count. Splash art is also slashed at that angle, but, not sure if that’s because of the supposed animated splash art update, or if it’s a permanent fixture. EXP bar has shifted, ranks below, etc.

It’s a bit different, not by a lot.


Its a shot from PBE - when they were testing matchmaking in PBE they set some accounts to VG Gold - turns out the CEO was one of those for some reason :wink:

The reason he and most of us old pbe testers have millions of glory is to do with talent testing.

During this to test differential impacts of talents we were given (only on our pbe account sadly) random large amounts of ICE a day to spend on chests to upgrade our talents. When the glory refund occurred on live one unintended side effect was the PBE accounts got a truly obscene refund for the glory we spent upgrading our talents for testing purposes.


It’s futuristic looking (except for the sidebar). Imagine if they change the ui base on the hero’s theme.


i think my fave part of the old ui was how the color scheme of the sidebars change based on what news is being displayed to kind of match the color of the news, sure sometimes it looked meh but i remember one of the colors were just beautiful black