UI Improvements/Changes

So we have gotten a little taste of the new VG UI so I want to start a new thread for criticisms, specific praises, or wishes for the UI in future updates. I am gonna start this off.


-The play menu looks awesome. Even though the colorful child-like UI does not fit VG it looks VERY clean.

-Bring back setting default modes like last patch where the play menu would instantly have us on either ranked or casual depending on what we played last pls

-The overall color palette does not really fit VG’s feel. I would like the menu to stay true to the professional steam punk/fantasy look VG has while abandoning the simple look and becoming more stylish. An idea I have is making the play button relate to the pink vain crystals from 3v3

-The overall layout is pretty good. Easy to use and adding a bit more style and impact would be great

-The “x” button feels very unresponsive and chats are being difficult, but pretty sure that will be fixed soon as it is a functionality issue

-I do not want the hero icon to be a generic helmet. Bring back the Skarff icon

-Fix the empty space in the home button. With the play button not looking very impressive on it’s own it makes VG look like a cheap game on a first impression.

Overall aesthetic-wise I want the menu UI to be able to blow other MOBAs away. AoV’s UI looks way more stylish than VG’s currently and our current UI makes VG look like another generic MOBA when it is clear that it isn’t when you actually play.


-Probably just me, but the placement of scout cams is awkward considering I keep accidentally pressing the ult button which can REALLY hurt especially if u are using a hero that does not have an aimable ult.

-The emotes feel very cramped especially now that the tactical emotes are much smaller

-Does anyone else have the issue where when we pan with the minimap (I do not use free cam much. Not used to it) and try to tap on an area where you panned to your screen jerks? This bug varies in severity, but when it’s bad it is BAAAD! It royally messes with my focus and I posted a vid on my yt channel showing what I mean when I was talking to our departed boi VideoVillain, so Imma leave a link to it below

Those are my current thoughts! Would like to know what you guys think

LINK TO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLBitWers0Q


Everything is too small and i hate how scout cams are right next to ult. I was playing Alpha and kept triggering self destruct. I had to just not unlock her ult because it happened so much.


I don’t like the scoreboard change for 3v3 it’s tiny and how they showed the quests. I find it weird that there is a separate tab for party. But I’m fine with the rest


The scoreboard breaks quite a few rules of good UX design:

  • Way too many fonts for one screen (I counted at least 7: UX 101, three max or you confuse the eye)
  • Way too much information (much too busy, hard to find any one thing)
  • Information incorrectly prioritized (eensy weeny teeny weeny k/d scores, a very common stat to look for!)
  • Technically attractive but poorly functioning visual design (lots of curves and color fades - each item probably looks good on it’s own in Photoshop, but when you use this kind of visual design on an already over-busy screen it adds even more visual information for your brain to process, making it feel even busier)

Other than that, a couple other UI concerns:

  • The main game screen is similarly overburdened with just “too much stuff”; either remove something or at least give people options so they can declutter a bit
  • The quests! Could they be more hidden? Check your data SEMC: I guarantee quest completion rate way down in the new version

Ah right I forgot. Yeah quests are super hidden, but what different fonts are you talking about?

On top of being hidden better than Taka… The quest completions don’t even trigger a “COLLECT ME!” kinda Notif ingame. I played so much yesterday but looked at quests near the end just to see all quests completed and ready for collection. :confused:

And the scoreboard needs a lot of tweaking. Stuff is written all over the place. And fonts scale around based on player name and feels really off.

I like the ping system though. Very organized at one side(Although the %hp and %energy one is pretty toxic :haha:)

Back to the main UI… Windows. Yeah, why? Why does everything pop out as a window? Hero details, profile? Windows. It looks pretty meh. The borders don’t add anything… I seriously don’t know what the point is. And the X button is always hard to tap. Make it full screen and also put a slightly bigger Back button :thumbs: Skin crafting is very simplistic and I like that, good job SEMC. :thumbs3:

I love the new font used ingame to show the numbers and names.


Yeah the new font is great. I also like it

I guess we can all agree that the UI definitely needs a functionality overhaul in 3.0 it seems at least

Yeah the windows feel like a horrid kludge, not an integrated part of the UI.


May i add that Quests deserve better. I almost entirely forgot that they existed. Come on, like Quests are the most important income for f2p players and they don’t deserve to be shoved somewhere down under the new skins AD.

It would be MUCH better if the moved the skin advertisement stuff in the NEWS section and made the quest section an entirely independent thing.


when I play I want to see my infusions my finger will block it with the new placement also when I want to ping I keep zooming in cuz I am not use to the new area for the pings.
Also imo the pos for the pings should be swapped since its left to right if you put the pings on the left side you can move with your right hand while pinging.

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Hmmm… interesting post…
This might seem strange… but… you know how there’s an option to “only open shop when tapping icon”

I want the exact opposite… “only open shop when tapping on the map” :laughing:

i never “accidentally” tap on the shop on the map…never have once yet.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

but the shop pops up like 3 times in one fight because I accidentally touch the corner shop icon :sweat_smile:

But then u finna pull up the scoreboard so you can see how much you’re feeding while you die : ^)

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I hate how they put the perk indicators and other bp de stack indicator in the bottom part of the screen… My finger blocks it most of the time…


Something that really bugs me is that it doesn’t seem to be that well optimized. The out of game UI is so small on iPad, most of the screen is just void space. I can only imagine how bad it is for iPad Pro.


this is nerving me so much. you need to have the eyes of an eagle to read most of the stuff.

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The new UI looks a bit too generic in my opinion. I really liked the theme that Vainglory was going for which was more oriental based, but the new flashy border kind of puts them in line with most interfaces used today.

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I agree completely. Other than the fact that it’s a complete mishmash of old and new right now, I think the new direction they’re headed will lead to the loss of a lot of what defined VG’s unique look.


Even tho SEMC messes up sometimes I’m sure they will listen to our feed back and try to change the UI for the better. I think they are headed the right direction for a more stylish UI, but they just need to figure out the new VG look that will both look great and function well