Ttigers: Vainglory 3.0 5v5 Meta


No easy big picture to show my small brain what characters are good, instantly a bad post, too many words

this is useful
at least the rotation thing gives me a new insight

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I thought everything that stated there are already obvious to everyone…

Don’t assume that. This is never going to be the case. It will take a few patches until everyone understood that first rotation…

I hoped so myself - its basically the rotation that I describe in my broken myth pieces and that Renegades used in the show matches.

But hey if this gets more people to play vaguely sensibly that will be grand. Right now half the time the enemy goes to invade our CP buff and I can just waltz into their jungle, take the red buff, that the gold oak and the heal camp…


Grump is actually godly for this. Spent the first 5 minutes in the enemy jungle with them staggering in due to a failed 2 man-which then turned into 4 after the laners tried to rotate- After invade on cp buff,

Not even kidding, but, usually within a minute of inspecting the minimap, seeing where opponents are grouped, you can somewhat observe the map awareness / skill level of who you’re playing against. 90% if the time I see a bunch of dudes grouped between mid and top, while me and and my opposing carry are at bottom. So I just waltz on away for a brief stint to take all their jungle and come back.


Hmmm, nearly the same as my wiki on this forum.
Edit: I have to fix Joule right now. After the hotfix, she is weak :laughing:

Useful guide, problem is try explaining this in game to a tier 4 scrub!!! They struggle with jungle rotations in 3v3 they’ll never understand why your not “let’s team fight” in the mid lane straight away.

Jungle god tier: Alpha. She’s broken rn imo in both 5v5 and 3v3. Tanky as all hecc and will delete you with only an aftershock and another with MAYBE a third damage item. She abuses Aftershock too heavily

Am I the only one that didn’t know the river current gave you extra movement speed? ffs xD

they mentioned that anywhere they could. its basically THE one difference between vg and any other 5v5 moba…

I was away from Vg for about 8 months due to a new job. I was promoted and no longer work insane hours. So I now have free time to play. When I had to quit playing, 5v5 was just a dream and nobody thought we’d ever see it in Vg. Glad it’s finally here. It came out a few days after I started back again. I guess I haven’t done any research. My bad lol

dont worry, its just a game. noz knowing everything is absolutley fine, but it helps :slight_smile:

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I’d choose Koshka over alpha, her DMG is nasty…