TSM leaving Vainglory

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No surprise. Hopefully the monetary resources saved from competitive and cutting loose artists will build a larger player base and revenue.


i saw a reddit comment of someone saying “let tencent buy vg already” and i kinda agree with what Excoundrel said on the same post

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What he said there?

On the topic, SEMC did the whole competative scene money cuts totally the wrong way, essentially killing the pro scene and I think at that point the game. The idea of content that drags new players is great, 3vs3 was the reason behind the not so good results as people just wants 5vs5. If it was kept I am sure people would start to get hooked nowdays. Especially with the big team names, gfx, sfx, deep gameplay, commentators, past events legacy, pioneer at mobile esports and all they had. Instead they totally and unreversably destroyed all.

Money shortage should not be a reason for such a bad decissions like esports and letting go key members that made the game what it is - the greatest and reachest moba on mobile. If u are going to do that and not sell, get more investments… you better shutdown the servers and call it gg instead of slow (actually in that case: fast) death.


Tribe is next 303030303030030303

Tribe or Queso are probably next. TSM and Rogue left this week. SEMC needs to take the crowdfunding route for competitive VG. Create a tournament ping set where half the revenue goes to a prize pool.


They paid pro teams to play. Fixed wages+prize money…

With no returns on the investment.
They should have let the pro scene grow naturally…


They could have trimmed down the payments and/or demand more content creation. Still, while it was a losing course in 3vs3, I think it was going to boom in 5vs5. Was the perfect marketing… tournament 1m after reveal with preseason at 5vs5 reveal + massive ads of VG and the pro scene. To give the people something cool to watch with commentary, that looks like a PC moba in feel and gameplay/complexity thus bringing more people into the game.

Not sure if I explain my throughs correctly, but I really do think that it was going to help massively IF executed correctly. As of now, I really see how the game is going fastly downhill and if this continue (and I don’t see what can stop it) in a year the game will be no more and that is sad. :frowning:

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they still can let it grow naturally, if they play their cards right.
Let’s see if they’ll take all the criticism on board and improve the game.

There’s no shortage of suggestions from so many sources.

What do you mean by play their cards right? I’ve seen some suggestions but none too realistic or effective. Ideas or a link to some good ones?

i mean if they pull their heads out of their arse and actually work HARD to improve the game to a point of absolute bliss. no bugs, beautifully crafted U.I… heroes. etc etc.

it’s all within reach. it just requires sleepless nights, plenty of red bull energy drinks and a solid plan to get it done… oh, and the BALLS to actually do it. Leadership.

They let go quite a few key members to accomplish what you suggest, also they are obviously short on money big time and finally we don’t know how many not community known key members (like programmers, etc) were also let go.

You realize that was the plan with 5v5, right? They poured an entire year into developing that, and what we got was … the train wreck 3.0 release.

Now they have let go the majority of the art department, the entire esports staff, and who knows who else.

There are bugs in the game that have been there literally for years. It’s not in their DNA to change that “it’s good enough” approach, despite the fact that it’s hurt them again and again.