Tried SM BP Kinetic and it needs to disappear

Its reall nasty, like i can tank hits from a wp tony or celeste A.

With seeing your health go up to full as if u were being healed by a lyra shouldnt be allowed.

Start callin her Vamp Kinetic from now on

Havent seen it in t10 rank but i tried it and won against them in rank.

Its mostly the SM. Its become obvious that balance team doesn’t play their game much and Niv was the only one. Literally all they had to do was make SM from 100 WP to 80 WP and give all SM BP melee heroes a base WP increase in their mid game. Except for Kensei, he’s another hero who is “suffering from this problem.” People who build SSW PS BP are gonna lose, people who build SM BP SB win easily.


That’s mostly due to the fact that PS got slaughtered. Its stats are laughable and it doesn’t counter the very Item it should counter. Vampirism (universal lifesteal) made SM a monster of an item because there is no downside.

PS has very low damage which makes it a weak stand alone item compared to SM…

SM should have received the nerf the same time but since the devs don’t play their own game enough they wouldn’t know that lol

I think it was obvious with what they are doing with kensei, they are unable to recognise the problems of their own game.

I don’t know why they haven’t made his barrier last as long as Ozo’s fortified health when he’s jumping (its such a short amount of time you can barely notice it). That way it isn’t really a barrier and more like an instant block that lasts for a short time. Hitting high health targets means you can block a lot more damage and hitting low health targets means you aren’t benefiting the most out of his damage. I highly doubt that my idea would require more coding than “make it so he can’t stack his barriers.” His damage is balanced but the moment he’s paired up with a good Ardan he literally rips everything apart because the barrier from Vanguard lets him stack up. He’s especially strong due to Phinn existing as well.

kinda shocking how kenetic hasn’t been touched for 2 patches and yeah besides nivmett the balance team doesn’t play the game they nerf or buff a hero based on win rates

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SM is good on any WP hero. Kinetic is overrated.

Wait, I build SSW SM BP SB, is this wrong? I like having early SSW so I can keep up constant stacks. I haven’t played her much though since shes been perma-banned since release…not the same kind of broken OP as kensei and varya and stuff on release but still really hard to deal with.

No Kinetic nerfs basically tells you all you need to know about almost everyone’s thoughts about next patch.

SM and BP are just begging for nerfs, but nope. No nerfs.

They added another WP Sniper who instead of being fully damage based such as Baron or Ringo, is utility based such as KiNEtIC. Please stop doing this, it’s not fun to play against.

Kensei is the only real melee damage dealer. Idris is okay, and BF can work if he’s a counterpick. Silvernail is so totally BS that he shuts down all of them except maybe BF.

The next patch is going to be a shitshow for people who like WP Melee characters. I’m sorry, but SEMC hates you. All SEMC wants to do is create all rounded sniper who not only do tons of damage but also have tons of utility.

Seriously, unless they’re not nerfing Kinetic because they plan to kill her in lore and remove her from the game, this decision is baffling. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen.


wHaT lOrE?Âż



Melees are already in for a world of hurt in this game. They shine in 3v3 and suck in 5v5…

Shine in 3v3? They are horrible in 3v3.

Reim and Glaive are awesome in 3v3.
I love a melee jungler in 3v3. 5v5 I dislike jungle a lot especially melees…

Reim and glaive??? they are horrible, the worst heroes in that mode lol. This made me laugh a lot.

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In 3v3 Glaive and Reim are the weakest heroes: Reim can’t beat any other melee hero apart from Glaive, and Glaive can’t survive the damage taken in 3v3 (is squisy)

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One day I got solo killed by a Kinetic with literally tier1 boots and SM+BP when I was Tony with Spellsword+Pulseweave and t2 armor EVENTHOUGH I was attacking her in melee range THE WHOLE TIME and Kinetic wasn’t even try to kite back and still manage to out-dmg me.
In AOV if you’re a glass canon ranged carry dueling face-to-face with a melee IN MELEE RANGE you should lose 100% even if the melee builds all tank items.

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As a melee user I disagree with this message.

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They need to nerf Sm on all ranged carrys, sustain shouldnt be allowed on a carry >_>