Hi, folks,

Traffic here has been decreasing for quite a while, and over the last month both posts and visits have dropped nearly to zero.

I don’t really see much likelihood that this forum will ever become as active as it was even a year ago, as all but a few members have long since moved on.

I’ve promised to keep this place online forever as a tribute to what was in my opinion the most beautiful and most engaging mobile game ever created: SEMC’s Vainglory. I intend to keep that promise.

However, our current low engagement can’t justify the costs of hosting this site through a specialized provider. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at options to reduce costs while keeping the forum and files and posts accessible. That will certainly mean a move to a new server at some point. The domain will remain the same, and hopefully the transition will be trouble free and unnoticeable.

Look for more news over the coming weeks.

— Hazel


It’s unfortunate interest in this site dwindled down alongside VG with the whole Rouge debacle and neither CB or the VG spinoffs, nor Wild Rift (or League in general, for that matter), were able to garner the same amount of attention here in spite of some likely audience overlap they had. No use in dwelling on the past though I suppose.
I respect your decision to try and keep the site up. Even if from the sounds of it, there might not be much traffic, it’s cool that the site’ll be available to look at for memory/archival purposes at least, unlike the OG forums. I wish you luck in the whole process of moving to a more cost-effective server.
VG and this site have given me a ton of fond memories over the years and I don’t regret being a part of em in the slightest, but everything must come to an end at some point I guess.


I feel like this was unavoidable and later we all will move on and the game will be forgotten. My visit to the forum has also reduced but thats mainly because of the life events and trying to setup my business.

Also I am learning C# so thats taking my time as well.


Everyone is paying attention to the new news of vainglory in discord.So there are fewer and fewer people here.

what? someone link me the discord.

@hazeleyes - thanks for everything you did here for this community. Not sure why I had the urge to type in the URL for this site, but I did, and I am glad I stumbled upon this thread. Not for it’s content (sad, but understandable news), per say, but for the selfish opportunity to give you thanks!

I think I speak on behalf of all members here - past and present - when we say thank you for helping the Vainglory community.

I don’t really play games anymore, but I do think of Vainglory from time to time - this site has a lot to do with that. MOBAs, unfortunately, can have toxic communities at times (trolling, throwing games, etc) - and Vainglory had those unfortunate moments, too - but this forum, this community - was anything but. It was a positive place that shared the joy of what was once a phenomenal game! A lot of that has to do with YOU and the admins.

Anyway - hello. Long time, no see. @VaKTaBi @Guest_78 @HipsterSkaarf and many others - hi, too! Please take no offense if I didn’t mention your name - it’s been a while.

Hope all is well with everyone in the world and that you all survived the pandemic. I’m a daddy of 2 now (sorry, world) with a third on the way. I think my wife’s crazier than me!

I hope everyone is experiencing some successes in their life and that all your transitions - whatever they may be - go as smoothly as possible. Including this forum’s transition.

Thanks again, Hazel.

Lebatron (formerly VeritasVT from WAY back)


Since activity here remains very low, I’ll be working on a project to transform the site back to its original Vainglory-centric focus. Once that’s done, I’ll probably leave open just one category so folks can post reminisces, etc. if they wish.

My very best to everyone!


Thank you so much to the friendly people and great moderators that made this forum such a pleasure to participate while playing Vainglory in its glory days. For some reason, I feel compelled to put down this…as someone who only visited this forum as a lurker many years ago. Thanks again and keep being awesome!


That’s so very kind of you! Thank you! :blush:

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Really glad to hear about this. Even though I don’t go through this forum much anymore it’s always nice to just come back and look at old posts.

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