Toxicity - weekdays vs weekends

Wow, I’m amazed at the massive increase in toxicity in Rumble matches I’ve seen over the past two days. I’ve been playing about the same number of matches a day for the past week, but as soon as Friday afternoon came around, I started to get at least one (often more) truly toxic people in every match I play. It’s horrific – everything from trolling, toxic pinging, abusive chat messages, etc. I’ve never downvoted so many people in my life, and every time I open the game, I get at least one “The person you reported has been punished” (or whatever it says) message, so I know it’s not just me who finds these players offensive.

Why would anyone picking up VG today ever want to keep playing this game?

Has anyone else noticed this weekday/weekend difference???


Yea, totally true. I lost so many matches bcuz of trollers, unskilled players etc. I think kids can only get permission at weekends for playing.

P.S. I still feel salty… :salt:


It’s when people have the highest amount of time available to be wasted, so the increase in the players naturally increases the toxicity. I haven’t notice more toxicity than last weekend though, they are all about the same, more toxic than the normal day. I don’t think it’s only kids @SeRAPHiM1, weekend is when adults have major part of their free time too (despite it not being as much as kids) compared to the normal day, and some of them are toxic too.

In SEA i dont notice a difference ahaaha

This weekend has been miserable. I can’t remember when I’ve had fewer enjoyable matches. I think I might have had two all weekend that I could call fun. The rest were my team getting wrecked and one or two people getting toxic in some way or other. Just horrible.

I honestly don’t know when I’ll feel like playing again – it was that bad.


I got matched recently with a guy 2 times in a row , and both games were easy to win , super easy to win , but some how this guy playing and not playing at the same time , he afks a lot during the match and makes sure we don’t get the afk forgiveness and leave us in fights , hugging his turret , but he doesn’t ping or say anything bad in chat he just says Iam lagging sorry guys , I actually felt bad for him but then I decided to check his vg pro .

Man in all his rank matches his deaths way more than kills and there are games he had 0 kills on them , the only games he had high kills are casual 5v5 against new players , is this a pro troll playing the karma system , troll ranked then farm up votes from new players in brawl modes and casuals , he actually play more brawls and casuals , but when he decides to play ranked he dies a lot even with him having high tier rank on both 3v3 and 5v5.

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I don’t notice a huge difference in toxicity, but I certainly notice a huge difference in skillful gameplay. I believe this is because you have some weekend only players who may not have as masterful skill as folks who are able to play a few times per day. I definitely felt the tier 10 bronze players I was matched with today were significantly worse than what I get matched up with during the week. Despite my game with 6 silver 10s today, most games I felt like I was working extra hard to communicate basic concepts such as team fighting and looking at one’s minimap.

As @Guest_78 points out, it’s not a suprirse that on a weekend you have a higher player base and therefore a greater variant in skill level. I’m sorry you experienced so much toxicity today, @hazeleyes.

Lol I pointed this out a while back as well. If you want good matches you’re better off playing at specific times. The weekdays during work hours and late at night are best. The weekends after midnight are ok. Anything else is better for casual play.

I’ve determined it comes down to when less immature players are likely to play, or casuals, and the like.

Or play with your friends who are competent

Lol all the competent ones quit playing a while ago. Cynicism aside, that’s the best advice for weekends, but it still leads to unfun matches: spanking the enemy team match after match is only fun for so long.

Don’t trash the entire player base like that, please, even in jest. It is not acceptable here, as @pilebuster has been warned repeatedly.

O.O;; welp I meant my competent friends, not the whole playerbase. Meep.

Gotcha – sorry, I misinterpreted that in light of a post by someone else above yours.

Lol it’s all cool. I mean I’m trashing the rest of my friends list anyway so it’s not a positive thing to say but it’s mostly the truth…no one I started with or grew in skill with plays anymore…meh. You, @Lebatron, and maybe 15 people max who aren’t on this forum are the exception.

I think the root of that problem is that SEMC has abandoned guilds entirely, leaving no way in-app to maintain connections with other people. (The friends list remains unusable, despite their “rewriting” of it this patch.) I think that was one of their most fundamental mistakes, and I think the damage it’s done to player engagement has been enormous.


Agreed. And it boggles my mind as to why they did things like that. Granted SEMC has been boggling my mind since talent integration but nowadays it’s almost meme worthy. Not saying they don’t do good things still. It feels like a 3 steps, 1 step back situation, which in theory isn’t horrible, but it feels out of those 3 steps, 1 is in the right direction, 2 are in some completely random irrelevant direction, and then you have a step back anyway, and in the next 3 steps they’re trying to find the path again and make a right move, but with their next 2 steps just take another odd turn, just to backtrack again. I mean the friends list thing for example…I look at the current iteration as a basis to build on, but of all the things the player base wanted from it, new visuals and menus was…where on the list?


You’ve discovered their product roadmap! :laughing:


Well, my observation seems to be holding true. I decided to give it another go this morning, and I just finished a great Rumble match: no toxicity, evenly matched teams, and we even staged a massive comeback. (We had no turrets left for the last 6 minutes of the match :open_mouth: It was a bit sweaty :sweat_smile:)

Completely different experience from the weekend.

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It’s worst in ranked , I know a 3v3 streamer he is not streaming now probably quit streaming was playing cool in games until I got matched with him in a game off stream , I picked vox , the next guy picked Reza and he picked Skye as a third because he didn’t agree with picking Reza against krul , he farmed the jungle all the time , didn’t participate in fights , even with the Reza was very very good and both of us won the game , all the game he was pinging and farming , he can’t even land Skye A properly , like I don’t play Skye but I would play her better than him , he thinks the answer to any hero in draft supposed to be that even if you bad at that hero .

Like a guy questioning builds in the chat , (wtf dude why serpent mask on baron , hey jungler look at our laner build) , like if you don’t know what’s the meta builds don’t question them , I would agree if your teammate build bone saw first item like that is questionable .

Had perhaps one of the worst instances of toxicity today. On a weekday. Dang. My fourth 5v5 ranked loss in a row. It’s a TEAM game people. Man. Our Skaarf took mid CP buff at 5 min mark. This made Celeste unhappy. This made Celeste quit. This made Celeste buy 3 boots. This made Celeste go 0/15. This made Celeste swear all game in chat.

I really wish there were more experienced MOBA players, or folks like all of you here on these forums playing more. The sense of entitlement. That never existed in DotA and AoS. You helped clear the wave. You had teamwork. Did you want to protect your jungle and creep kills? Sure. But man, this game has it bad!