Toxicity rules social media!?

I just wanted to know which social network has more toxicity in it’s content than the others , I only listed some of the major ones:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Weibo
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Qzone

I don’t think you can rank them, tbh. There are some people who are toxic on every platform. They tend to be loud (though both the frequency and the outrageousness of their posts), so it gives the impression that the platform as a whole is toxic.

My experience on social media is that it’s NOT toxic on the whole … and that’s because I don’t post things that provoke people, I block people who try to provoke me, and generally try to treat social media as though it’s me standing in a room talking to lots of people I don’t know – I try to be polite and to treat people with respect.

My $ 0.02.

Also, I’m setting a timer on this topic due to the fact that the title seems to be intentionally provocative.

Yeah I should delete the latter part, sorry for that! No harm feelings but sometimes humans just commit things that are … well how could I wrap this up? Uhm , pointless and destructive to each and another

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