Tough Question (Tension Bow and Ringo Epic T)

I been doing some tests and Im stuck in hole.

The question is “If I use Ringo’s Epic talent, would Tension Bow proc on both hits?”

I saw the the TB animation on both of the targets but when I did it again, it didnt work.

I think the bullets have to be the same distance from the two targets and hit the two targets at the same time. I just wanted to see if anyone can repeat and say if Im right or wrong.

The Tension Bow proc will only proc on the closest target as far as I’m aware (and from testing it too).

Ringo’s Epic treats the splits as basic attacks, so I guess which ever hits first procs TB.

Just something you might be interested in - try Lance and Tension Bow.

The way it interacts is quite peculiar.

I’ve found that:

  • If all targets are within the middle hit box of his basic attack, TB will proc on the closest target.
  • If all targets are spread between the mid and side hit boxes, TB will proc on the target he has selected.
  • His Epic Talent does not trigger the proc, but it does pierce through armour.