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Long time no see! Its been awhile since I’ve posted. Welcome back to me i suppose.

There has been a few points I’d like to make with this post. First off i think VG is original in its own way yet similar to most MOBA’s on the market. 3v3 gamplay, 5v5 gameplay, Skins, IGC, Pings…etc. Like MOBA’s there has been other games out there that have been “recreated” that super exceeds its predecessors. Take PUBG for example. Fortnite took that idea and ran with it in there own way. Goldeneye007, Call of duty grabbed the idea of a multiplayer shooter and made it theirs with a tweak of online massive overhaul of fun. League of Legends was not the first MOBA. They took the idea and nailed it with their own unique aspects. Warcraft? These games and a select others, i believe, have one thing in common. Complete customization of ones characters. To change the skin, in game “pings”, weapons, gender, badges, taunts…EVERYthing!

SEMC, in my opinion, has come to realize this customization aspect of the game and how players like us strive for it. With the new pings they have recently released, they are bringing the customization aspect of the game to us and its pretty neat. Yet i think we need more of it. Its lacking. Just pings alone wont feed the hunger of customization for us. This brings me to my next point.

How do you bring total customization of your account yet make it feel like you’ve earned the right to express it?

I like to call this “PROGRESSION”.

I’ve been playing this game a long time. The one thing that keep bringing me back is the progression of my own skill tier. To show off how hard i worked by saying I’m “one of the best”. (To be honest, I don’t pretend to be the best because i am definitely not). Being the best though doesn’t say much about how much you’ve progressed in a game. Skill tier and skins may be a form of progression but its just not enough. We need more ways to show other players that we are unique to this game. Make this game unique by giving us a way to show off our progression!

Total customization and progression…how do we make these two topics collide into an explosive ball of misery and fun!? We could have hero masterys giving us a skin to let other know that, yes, I am a master with this hero. Quests could be greatly improved with achievements to be made of lifetime statistics. 100 wins gives you a special badge. 5000 wins gives you a REALLY special badge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. 100 wins with a certain hero gives you the ability to change what type of weapon your hero is using. 1000 wins with a hero lets you put boots as wings for skaarf :smirk:…i mean the limitations are endless. Of course, SEMC can have some of these items purchasable through ICE…but make the special ones free!

The main point I’m getting at is that SEMC needs to learn from other games mistakes and see what is working for our generation of gamers. Give us total customization through the works of our progression. I have taken a step backwards with VG because i feel like I’m not getting rewarded for my hard work I’ve put in. I see no need to come back and play everyday, because, it seems to be the same thing other than a new skin or hero every other patch. I still support this game and love to see it succeed, but sometimes a little change from the norm gives quality a good name!



Not a bad idea. I do want a churn badge after hours and hours with him lmao

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Yes pls I want to play as a turret after the hours I put into saw


I agree that VG’s progression system is lacking. My thoughts from a few days ago are here:

I actually created a hero mastery feature for Andi a few months ago. It worked well, even in its first iteration, but I had to remove it when VainSocial shut down and I lost access to their data. :minions_sad_t3:


Yup. totally agree. Any which way they cut it… whatever system they decide to use, they need some sort of an “achievement board”. That sense of progression is so important to players and also generates discussion out of the game. "did you get X, A, B, C badge / star / pin / level yet? " I got it yesterday… etc etc…

Competitiveness drives player Activity and keeps them playing for longer. Great post.


Any system would work under the right circumstances I think! But as of now there isn’t much progression to keep me coming back daily like people would in Fortnite (though I’ve never played Fortnite!).

Thanks for agreeing!