Tornado trigger and how it works on Idris in 3.4

Hello, I’m an Idris main from the Southeast Asian server. I’m currently in bronze9-gold8 (oscillating) in 5v5. IGN: M1Abhrahams
In patch 3.4, they nerfed Alternating Current. Now it has reduced attack speed, and after the recent hit on Idris in 3.3, this further weakens my build with him ( I play primarily CP Idris, any lane except mid)
So, my first query is, when they say tornado trigger gives you crit, does the crit also amplify the passive damage of CP Idris? If yes, how much? 50% additional as usual?
If the answer is yes, then any comments on going DRing/Shatterglass into tornado trigger first a prospect in 3.4? We could start with 6 shards, into primary damage item + attack speed, then directly TT.
Also, against what kind of matchups is eve a better choice than clockwork anymore? Talking about post-3.4 clockwork btw
Thank you for your attention!

it no longer “amps” crit (crit damage stat i believe) and cp dmg was never able to crit. tornado trigger however is good for going NYOOM at an enemy

also, eve is just plain horrible rn honestly. CW all the way

You do know this is incredibly easy to test for yourself in practice mode, right?
Also, common sense dictates that only WP damage can crit, since it’s historically been like that since forever. Your crits would only effect the WP part of your AA.
Just in case I was wrong and common sense was going to betray me on this one, I went and tested this out on a turret. There is no damage chance, CP damage cannot crit.

You build Eve when you know the enemy team is going to be able to dive you. If your Chakram is out when you’re ulting (which it should) and it hits 5 or so odd targets, it’s going to really improve your survival in teamfights.
Since the barrier/tank meta seems imminent looking at next patch, I would suggest trying out a build that consists of

  • DE SF BM
  • with AC or Eve in there at some point to complete the build.
    when the patch drops.

Poison Shiv on CP Idris. That is the way to go…
You have attack speed, healing, mortal wounds all in o ne item.

Build raw CP next to that…

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CP can’t crit. About eve and CW don’t build CW on Idris. It’s not good. Eve would be much better or you could get another damage item.

Honestly just answer if you know, I never start the practice mode just learn on the way.
Thanks for the information.
Also, I don’t really play games as competitive as this one, so there is no ‘common sense’, per se

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Isn’t the clockwork passive good for your ultimate and dash? I mean it doesn’t seem so bad on idris. The energy also helps out greatly when spamming all abilities late game, I usually go it as last item

I’ve seen some people build that. Interesting, which number should I build it on? Can you suggest a path

Okay, thanks for the info
What is NYOOM (sorry for cringe question, I’m not familiar with the terminology slang in this community)

It’s not worth it. He’s not CD reliant hero. Eve would help you sustain a lot better. SG/SF/DE would just end the fight much earlier than you having another ult or A.

Get a boe early and a swift shooter after your first real CP item. Go DE first and then PS. I fill him up with boe and crystal bits mostly early game. This allows you a lot of sustain with your poking and attacking.

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Best description I’ve seen on this.


Best onomatopoeia I have ever seen

It is an onomatopoeia that simply describes something going past you fast. “The car went NYOOM when it passed me”

This concludes English 101 by Professor NinjaBryden


Okay, thanks for the information
But is Spellfire really that good? It doesn’t proc much right, on Idris’ abilities

Haha okay it’s a pretty new word for me

it procs on his B, it’s spammy so that’s why people like it. some people say poisoned shiv on him and other crystal empowered basic attackers is better, but i honestly haven’t tried it out

Interesting, I will try out the PS in battle

Personally I wouldn’t build it ever on Idris but if they have a lot of sustain it could be good. The wounds last for 4 seconds and chakram has less than 4 CD.

I don’t think it’s less than 4 seconds, also without your eve, you can’t actually spam it off cooldown coz the other abilities cost a lot of stamina and unless you land your chakram it doesn’t replenish any