Top 100 Players

I know someone pushing to be one of the top 100 , but I don’t know , is it something worth the time , are they getting trophies for reaching the top 100 , or you just screenshot it , what do you guys think of the people in the top 100 , do you check them? Do you think it’s impressive or something anyone can do ? , do you check the top 100 blitz ?! Hehehe , I checked it the other day and I was laughing because why it has a top 100 while it’s called casual blitz now .

I am around 90th in the most wins this season in EU, am pretty proud of it, would love if they would give anything for staying in the list, even small reward would be appriciated but oh well. Next season I am entering the ranked top 100 and nothing will stop me.


Don’t wanna be toxic but the very vast majority of the leaderboard players got there by abusing the system, in other words they trio q very early in the morning or very late at night. If i know that a player got on the leaderboards by playing mostly soloq then i am really impressed.

Also grinding for spot on the leaderboard as a solo q player isn’t worth it, the higher your elo gets the more you will get screwed by the matchmaking, you will lose your sanity trust me.


Totally agree. That, and your first point to about abusing it. Listen, many VG silver and gold players are seriously skilled. Many are not. I’ve had enough matches with the top 100. Many times, I’m totally unimpressed. Other times, they’re the best in the match.

A lot totally rely on buddies helping them. We can’t call out players on this forum, but i have a few on my f list that i know I’m better than. They played half decent in a game with a really good player. They party with them and are lifted to vg silver. Now, these folks on my f list are never caught ranking solo. They know they can’t carry or don’t trust themselves. Again, this is not all top 100, but a good handful of them fall into this description for sure.

Then we have the the players that have 2-3 accounts in the top 100.

With all of that said, to answer some of the OP’s questions:

  • I think 2700+ is impressive, and i think anyone 2600+ who did it mostly solo queue is very impressive.
  • I believe there should be rewards for top 100, absolutely! I’d offer as a suggestion: 100-51: 100 ICE, 50-26: 150 ICE + 1 unowned rare skin blueprint, 25-11: 200 ICE + 1 unowned epic skin blueprint, 10-1: 300 ICE + 1 unowned legendary skin blueprint. They’re not giving away the bank, but it’s still a nice prize!

If they add borders the top 100 per season could get a special border that changes every season. I have asked for this several times, but I seriously think this and maybe an ICE reward to really incentivise playing to the top


Yeah I have no idea why people push to the top and there is no rewards , and no esports which is worst too , atleast pushing before could make you a good pro player in the vainglory esport , and there is no API we can’t check them in the websites.

I reached VG Silver mostly by soloQing, but even then, I fluctuated between 2590-2610. It really is a gamble because even if , individually, your teammates aren’t necessarily bad, synergy still plays a hefty role.

Now I’m trying to snag a spot at Top 100, but there’s no way I’m soloQing beyond VG Silver. Not worth the stress, especially when I can only play captain. At least in a party, losing makes you less salty :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s really not worth investing a lot of time on in my opinion, but my familiarity of the game and its gameplay still compels me to play it anyway.

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VG not providing rewards to top 100 players is a missed opportunity.

VG not have a player base large enough to support separate queues for solo and party is unfortunate. I was a >95% solo player running into 5-man VG Silver+ parties. There are advantages to party players in drafting that can make a difference.


It could be the party vs solo problem not encouraging semc to make rewards for top players , but why we have it if they think it’s not worth rewarding , you have a chance to replace esport with something encouraging players to be in the top but you are not taking it.

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