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i know you asked about how eve is on skye but just wanted to show you this as well :^)


thx, i really didnt want to go through 600+ messages


this off topic but do you like my hero acadamia?



To prevent me from contributing nothing to the discussion, when will patch 3.5 come out?

And also do you have any plans for skye to become more viable in 5v5?


The main problem Skye has is that she’s too item dependant, the only postion she’s viable right now is in the jungle and she needs to snowball there to get her items. Give her a CP ratio for her basic attacks so she can farm effectively and be played as a midlaner. I’ve tried her as a midlaner with sgb one game had troll in the enemy team (win) , another game I got hit with 11k lag (loss) and the 3rd game went pretty well with her (win). Her kit does good damage and her cooldowns are low in the lategame the problem is getting her there. Making her viable in a lane would solve these problems (imo the best lane would be the midlane) but she needs a way to farm without using her abilities much since her abilities do have long cooldowns compared to other CP laners and buffing her tankiness would also be helpful too.


Hyper carries are always item reliant. That is their entire nature. If you gave her a CP ratio on her auto there would be zero reason to go WP. CP Skye late game is amazing. She has to have a point where she is weak.


A CP ratio to help her farm not to do meaningful damage to enemies because she currently doesn’t have a viable position to be played in. She gets bullied in midlane because she has to use her abilities to clear her lane and they have long cooldowns compared to the midlaners. Compared to the other ranged junglers she’s outclassed and they have a better early game to pressure lanes.
During the early game after AB combo she has roughly a 2 second cooldown for her A then afterwards a 6 second cooldown where she can’t do anything but her basic attacks. CP Kestrel who had a 2.7 second downtime before she could use her A was reduced to 2.4 seconds. The only other hero I can think of with similar coolodowns and without any basic attack augemnetions is CP baron who’s mainly a lowtier pick. This is why I think she should get something to help her farm better and to reduce her downtime. Plus matches don’t last long and she’s easily snowballed so her lategame isn’t something very reliable.
I’m curious on what direction you’d take her since her B is already approaching cooldown before her mobility was cutdown for 5v5.


Funny enough I see her being played in high tiers. (If 1.0 is an avg play rate. Skye currently has a 0.9) While I think she could use slight tuning I actually think she’s pretty close to where she is intended to be. One of the points of balancing is learning from past mistakes. We at one point had her missiles do full damage to minion waves giving her the ability to farm easily in lane. This ment she almost NO weakness over the course of the game. She is definitely playable in lane in 5v5 and jungle in 3v3. Skye though is a hero who also counters several other heroes. She should not be good/avg into everything since she will crush her counters then. She is similar to Reim and BF. (If you remember the times those heroes were meta) In the past when she was good into everyone she was utterly dominate in the meta due to the amount of tools she has in her kit. (Similar to BF)


So, what heroes that can be countered by Skye in your opinion?


You think you can have an announcement for Kensei in the next balance notes regarding how he isn’t broken anymore thanks to PS working and Atlas being quite effective.

I feel like people ban him a lot due to his release where PS wasn’t working properly and Kensei being strong in general in the late game. He seems relatively balanced but I can’t say for sure because I only got like 1 or 2 games in this season with him in ranked play so he could be OP.

What’s your opinion regarding Kensei in our current patch?


Are you going to fix the bug with varya + bright bulwark interaction? (Sorry if it’s been brought up on this before) happened to me twice one game, really frustrating


Adagio, Catherine, Churnwalker, Flicker, Grumpjaw, Joule, Krul, Lyra, Phinn, Reim, Ringo, Rona, SAW and Tony. (About a quarter of our roster)


I don’t fix bugs but it will be fixed this patch or the patch after. Depends when the bug was fixed.


He is slightly to strong still but much more deal-able.


I’m surprised VG hasn’t released an energy burn perk for an anti-mage hero. What kind of gaps do you see in the hero pool that need filling?


-Insert bad inuendo based joke here-



Is the Ban system ever going to get a rework? Right now its pretty oppressive for not excusing anything ever.
IE: Pretty sure iv been clean from afk’ing for like a month even built myself back to great karma from bad, I afk one match today because of some rl things that came up and I get slammed with the Final warning and if i repeat again il get ban hammered

I can understand the ban hammer for someone whos constantly doing it but going a while without toxic behavior should clear your record or at least start to.

Thats how I thought it worked previously with karma but I guess I was wrong

Edit* I forgot that your a balancing dev, sorry!(Not to mention I was a bit salt from the prompt sorry again!) But if you do know the answer that would be great…so il just leave my post here anyway


Mr Nivmett why glaive can’t be played CP anymore? I saw some old gameplays of CP glaive and it was pretty fun to watch. Was his CP path too broken? :thinking:


I don’t mean to be rude but a month is like… nothing. Always check you have time before playing, and you’ll rarely have to go AFK. I calculate about 7 or 8 mins for blitz, 15-20 for BR and 30 or so for regular gamemodes…


I think a month is quite a while, especially in the context of all the dodges and afks that we all know we get on a regular basis. Good for you though if you can honestly go months without any offences, you’re a part of the last pillar of nontoxic committed players.

Personal experience, I had to rush out of my house for a family thing the other day at the end of a match. I felt bad about it but it was the first time I’ve afk’d in as far back as I can remember. I got hit with a final warning when I came back the next day. It’d be nice to see some recognition/forgiveness for those who have a clean (or close to) record and have a slip up or emergency.