Took a while but I am finally here to answer any questions I am allowed to answer


but she already has thay ability when she teleports back to the base…
just tweak to pools instead XD


Thank you for creating Lorelai.


A character with a ranged stun, a move speed boost, a strong slow, low cooldowns and an ult that gives you almost another life bar worth of barrier and removes all negative effects and you want to add a blink/teleport?..No. Like big no. Lol


I know. I was just joking and randomly thought of this idea out of nowhere because this ability would make her insanely op!


i meant while drafting :laughing:


Insanely OP and balanced tend not to get along. =P lol


i know hehe

30 characters…


Why does Sonata sound like a music game…

Anyways, teleporting is always a cool thingy to have in a game cough cough choke

(besides tp boots)


Have it as a talent :stuck_out_tongue:
Sonata does that too


Nah blinking from one area to another area rapidly is a cool thing cough cough skaarflanguage


Can you please tell him to get us that hero then :wink:


how do you build kinetic? what do you think is better on her, wp or cp?


How about Mortal Wound lol :rofl:


I definitely prefer weapon. I start with weapon blade and book of eulogies. I go spellsword first for faster stacking in addition to giving you 2 chances to land your A before your stacks fall off. (The extra mobility is nice as well) After that I go T2 boots, breaking point, turn the book into a shiv, slumbering husk or aegis (depending on match up) and top off with a bonesaw or tornado trigger.

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I have a couple of questions about Petal, and some suggestions as well.

First of all, what is the intended playstyle for her? She used to be a semi-carry with great utility and range, but kinda low damage. However the damage amp and range buff on her trampoline pushed her into a more traditional carry role. why was this decision made?

So Petal has been unbalanced for the longest of time. She has always either been completely useless or incredibly oppressive as a counterpick. The reason for that is her most unique aspect, her munions. Since they can die, the munion damage must be balanced around the fact that Petal will not have three pets up all the time. Heroes who can’t effectively kill the munions are at a disadvantage here though, because Petal will have a very high dps against them. Then the munion health should be lowered so all heroes have a chance to kill the munions (so Petal won’t get oppressive against certain heroes), but then heroes who can kill the munions effectively will just rip through their health, which is just not fun at all. No other hero can be put at such a disadvantage as Petal.

Basically, my point is that it is nearly impossible to balance munion health and damage in such a way that all types of heroes (single target and AoE heroes) have a decent shot at beating either the munions or Petal herself before she gets oppressive. I think she NEEDS a rework to her munions before the dev team can effectively start balancing her. I came up with two possible solutions, one of which is pretty radical, and one that is a bit more reserved.

To start with the most radical solution: make the munions completely invulnerable and untargetable, an inherent part of her kit. The munions would only die when you use her ult. This way, the damage can be balanced around the fact that Petal always has three pets around, which is a lot more reliable to both Petal herself and the enemy as well. This newly balanced munion damage can be her perk, since Petal literally has no perk at all right now, which is stupid. Her A could then have a new (or old) effect like the healing aura, better vision area or longer duration (maybe as overdrive), or all of the aforementioned. The downside of all this is that it removes Petal ‘summoner’ feel and pet management.

The other solution would be a tick system similar to how the scoutcam health works. This has actually been tried before by SEMC, and it worked well in my opinion, but one hero ruined it all: Skye. Her FB ripped through all thee munions in an instant, since every little bullet counted as a separate attack. This could have been fixed by giving the pets a small time, like 1/3 of a second or something, where they become invulnerable to crystal damage. Give the munions 2/2/3/3/5 (+1 for every 100cp) ticks of health. Let’s say you have enough cp to get 8 health on every munion. With the 1/3 of a second invulnerability, it takes at least 2 and 2/3 of a second to kill a pet with crystal damage, doing it in the most optimal way. No hero has an ability with a cooldown of 1/3 of a second though, which means that the pets can probably survive longer than that.

Back to Nivmett then, do you think any of the two reworks are at all plausible?

Anyway, since I have been kinda wish-listing already anyway, here is a list of some QoL changes I would like to see. You can skip this part if you want since it’s a pretty shameless wishlist of mine.

  • increase the duration of her seeds to at least 60 seconds. (didn’t they used to last for like two minutes)
  • increase the vision radius of the seeds
  • make seeds invisible in a bush

These changes combined would make the seeds usable for something actually meaningful and unique, vision control, other than spawning pets of course.

  • move the bonus range from trampoline back to her base range. Having to work with like six different ranges for different levels of trampoline is super clunky and complicated.

  • get rid of the damage amp, it doesn’t fit her kit imo. Instead, replace it with a speed boost to her munions so they can keep up with Petal allowing her to actually make use of her only repositioning tool. Now she can’t make use of trampoline much because her munions just lag behind.

  • maybe give Petal an actual perk? She used to get bonus attack speed when attacking the same enemy as her munions, which was incredibly forced but shoehorned in anyway. It was thankfully removed, but the devs never bothered to give her an actually polished new perk.

This might be a bit much to reply to all at once, sorry about that. Thanks anyway for taking the time.


Not really a question, but you guys gotta work on a switch port now that you have joystick (I assume u developed that in the first place since AoV announced it) since that coupled with advertising has the potential to grow the game far more than what e-sports could wish to do. I am just wondering how amazing VG would look on a switch :drooling_face:


interested :eyes: hmmmmmmmmmmmm


plus the switch is a touch screen sooo cough

edit: I find Eve of Harvest to be underwhelming on heros that once was a main part of their builds (skye). Do u also agree that eoh is unused in most builds in the current patch?

also i kinda curious to know that if the devs have a way to know info on certain items


The radical suggestion isn’t a half bad idea …

She would be easier to balance ( I mean, I think ? ) and it may make her more than a counterpick. I tried to rank solely with Petal a while ago and it was pretty bad once I hit regular teirs :laughing: