Took a while but I am finally here to answer any questions I am allowed to answer


It is true that her Barrier is bigger than Grace’s heal but it doesn’t really justify not having her cooldown lowered. I remember the patch notes said clearly that they had to make the cooldown longer because of echo and now that Echo is removed it isn’t a problem anymore.

And Lorelai unlike Grace doesn’t have anyway to reduce her cooldown except buying cooldown items which she only does if she is in Top Lane. Grace can just reduce cooldown by basic attacking.

And remember that Grace’s heal still provides a Holy Shield ontop of this while Lorelai only cleanses negative effects.

Oh an btw, If I am not mistaken you lowered her CP ratio in her ult to 150% because you said that it made CP lorelai too good and then you added bonus health ratio to compensate so it is probably not 200% anymore???


This is why support Reim and SawPort are a good thing…

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Sorry for going off topic but I had too.^^

Also Niv do you thing Churn should have hook indicators?


Hey @Nivmett can please pass on this message to other devs, this could really improve and make more people play churnwalker(No this is not any sort kit change or balancing just a little addition of text is being suggested).
Churnwalker chain counter

Also I would add that the number of heros hooked can be written over his A indicating how many he has hooked.


As YouTuber SirSwag said “The first team to tilt is the team that loses.”


How does AFK forgiveness not lead to elo inflation? The winning team gets a boost. The losing team doesn’t lose elo. That one person who AFK only takes a single loss worth of elo hit.


I don’t have a real question - I am just curious to know who you personally ban


He ban petal with the nerf hammer :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m assuming that AFK forgiveness only preserves VST, not MMR or underlying elo. And since VST moves in part according to the VST/MMR gap, it should normalize over the space of a few matches. I’m not sure the effects of a handful of AFK forgiveness events is all that significant, really. Especially when you consider that one match won or lost doesn’t make much of a difference to the level of competition you’re actually facing. But all that said, that’s all just a guess based on what I’ve come to know about Vainglory’s elo system over the years.


Its 200% when empowered. It doesn’t show her empowered numbers in game. I already wrote a bug report for that one. It will likely be fixed in the patch after this one. It should be 600/933/1266 +200% CP ratio +15% health ratio. Lorelai has a other tools in her kit. Please dont compare ability to ability. In that context I can say SAWs B is a strictly worse Skye A. Or Skaarf A is an inferior Idris B. =_= As for Lorelais cleanse it cleanses ANYTHING you can removed max Krul stacks or a Churnwalker chain. Anything.


It would be a nice addition but I feel it wouldnt be that useful. You can pretty clearly see how many chains you have out.

As for writing it over the A that wont happen. This would be incredibly confusing cause it would look like charges. Also there is a cooldown number or when churnwalker is out of energy and the A is dimmed.


I can’t ban people. I don’t have that ability. :slight_smile:


On the Churnwalker chains comment do we have a number indicator to show how many people are chained (like the small Aftershock icon or the passives icon) if not do you think that can be added next patch as a QoL change? If that is already in the game then this comment was useless LOL.


i think he means heroes in game lul


AH lol. Currently I ban Kensei, Kestrel and Malene. The last one is usually a Lyra or Grace.


Thats much more do able. Just not this next patch since we are past the chance to do that.
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Niv wouldn’t it be cool if Lorelai can teleport from pool to pool!


Yes it would be! Should she? Probably not. XD



A sad lorelai fan


Sonata (The designer of Lorelai) is right next to me and said she shouldn’t. He said that isn’t her kit design and it belongs on another hero not her. XD


Some of you are not very nice. :sad: