Tony is legit balanced as fudge

Like really, i play him top lane with a book and t1 armor and i do well against grace/vox which is hella lit.

I usually build in this order:
• 2 Spellswords
• Slumbering Husk
• Aegis
• Any weapon item depending on the situation

  • Poisin Shiv for healing
  • Breaking Point if i can last longer than the enemy
  • Sorrowblade for more burst
  • Fountain if matchmaker decides pair me up with t4s or noob roamer.
    • Warthreads

I honesty think he shouldn’t get any upcoming buffs due to the fact is that he doesnt need to be meta, and usually when balenced heros gain buffs and become op, the next update they get nerfed to the ground and never rise again.

Just wanted to make an announcement that Tony is great despite the lack of pick rate compared to other heros.

Fixed your title for you, I’m here all week.


wait what did i mistype?!?


wrong build I’m sure you meant to say: SSW SSW pulseweave capacitor rooks/crucible/atlas war treads

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Nah, its just a build i found to work well for me