Tony and his skin available for free for Steam users!

I just logged in, and I saw that as part of the PC launch, SEMC is giving out Tony and his Steam Knight skin for free for those that use the Steam version of the game!

Get it while you can I guess.

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Of course it was that one lol.

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Pass. I hate Tony. Still haven’t bought him and refuse to. (I have his Steam Knight skin that I got in some chest or other.)


Yeah , why tony ? , there is better heroes and skins to giveaway , like Celeste or vox with their ice skins .

‘Steam’ knight tony probs the name XD


Could be because he is easy to play on pc?

No , like dragonclasher said its because of steam knight , they going to do stuff with Amazon prime , so twitch prime users going to get free stuff next week , are they going to make a skin for twitch ? Or give us twitch emotes as pings in game .

hmmm I love me some amazon skin(amazon like wonderwoman not…amazon prime ) :haha: