Today is a good day for rank

Hardest ranked ever for today. All lanes feed except mine (well, i can’t feed to that Ringo, obv). Rona can’t stop rage ping, asking why I took her Red (dude, seriously? I never had my hands on red after 15:00 because she fcking waited next to it to ensure she would have it). Rona and Lorelai both fed their top a.k.a Vox and Kensei, and in Late game it turns out a fcking mind game where everybody don’t want to combat, just sneak into bases.

I buy myself a Journey Boots and 1v2 Ringo + Kensei / Vox , when they tried to sneak it. Never allow thieves around my house :male_detective:

P/s: matching a 1k2 to 2k4 is a little bit… cancer. LMAO.

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Did you have to teleport to win?
also that spread of tiers is just… :star_struck:

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I feel your pain…

Also my matches: dodge, dodge, dodge, troll, dodge, horrible match, dodge dodge dodge…

I lost 25 points because all of my allies except the one I brought in (defriended) were very low and shouldn’t be in that match.

One game we have to fight the nr 44 in the world. Nr 12 in europe and the next I get t5 feeders…

It has been 6 dodges in a row just now and 4 matches out of which 2 have been horrible in like 4 hours of playing.

The game has gone to shit. I wish it would die so I can’t even play this shit anymore.

Playing out of habit not fun…


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