Today, I received LPQ for something I've never seen before

Placing this in the salt-mine because I think it’s the best place for it.

It was 3v3 ranked. I don’t quite understand what happened, but needless to say I’m a bit miffed. Maybe someone with better knowledge can explain. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced this, and the first time I’ve ever heard of it.

During a team fight in 3v3, our captain went AFK mid-battle. Stopped moving, obviously got targeted, killed. Was away for about two or three minutes - not sure if it was a true AFK or if they were in-game whilst this happened, but the ‘deserted’ announcement never went off.

After we got pushed pretty hard, our captain returned, though my teammate and I were pretty overwhelmed at this point. We (teammate and I) tried but ultimately we were overpowered by the other three opponents. My captain then dove in between them all, and died - this is where my captain went AFK again. We were about 10 minutes into the match.

Then, I see the “Need 3 votes to surrender” pop-up on the bottom-right of the screen, but my option to surrender was still on a timer. Confused, I made attempts to tap it, to no avail - and then the third tick went across. The match ended.

The end-game board appeared, and apparently I was the one that deserted.

Now I’m in LPQ.

With anyone of any knowledge of this scenario be able to help? Does anyone have any idea how this happened?

Some extra tidbits:

  • I didn’t hang out at base, I tried my best to 2v3.
  • I didn’t leave the app, lock my device, etc.
  • I didn’t idle in any one spot for too long.

Pretty frustrating, and disappointing.


Definitely contact semc last time I was placed on lpq from the game messing up they did remove it for me.

Maybe your uploads didn’t come through to server side client but downloads came to you?

Definitely put in a support ticket, since this sounds a lot like a bug or some network craziness. Hopefully they can lift your LPQ for you. Support link:

Also, I moved this to #help because, while you’re miffed, your writing was still quite respectful (kudos!), and this thread might be helpful for future readers who experience the same thing. They probably wouldn’t find it in the Salt Mine, but have a better chance of seeing it here.


That makes a lot of sense, thanks. I suppose that’s a better call.

I mean, yeah, it’s very frustrating to have this happen, but, things happen. I’m not the kind of person that suffers from agitation.

Be warned it might take a day for the lpq to get removed I know it did for me, really sucks if you get a dodger on lpq as it resets you back to low before finding a match

It doesn’t bother me enough to start a support ticket to bypass LPQ. It’s three matches, I wait like, 3 minutes for each LPQ? It’s not that big of a deal.

Mine was 8 for 5 matches during a time when my question were 1-5 minutes normally

There has been bugged LPQ reports all over reddit and me personally have got it twice already due to the system bugging out.

there doesn’t seem to be a pattern. Each report is slighty different. The ghost surrender button I can say I have experienced, me not even having the option to click anywhere. but I didn’t get LPQ for it.

As it was only 2 one minute waits, i didn’t bother reporting. and the second one was 3 one minute waits. din’t bother again.

as far as AFK detection goes and not getting deserter forgiveness, yup happened to me many times. also not reported, no evidence. it would require a full match video, screenshot doesn’t really prove it. which i ain’t going to start recording all my matches.

Post match saving video is an option i’ve requested a long time ago.

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I marked this as solved

Thanks for the direct link to place a support ticket. I’m not too concerned with LPQ removal but I think I’m going to at least ask the question - maybe they can give me some insight that I can pass on for future reference.

EDIT: I removed the “solved” I gave you, I’ll wait until I get an answer from SEMC.

Had to think that one over. Sorry.

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Best to let semc know that way they can look into the data of the match and see what went wrong

Placed in LPQ for being too good, obviously. It’s called Legendary Player Queue for a reason.


that must be why I have a 24 hour LPQ 100 times :thinking:

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