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Today, I miss Vainglory


Title, fairly simple, honest truth.

Something’s hit me today, and I miss Vainglory. And I don’t mean this as “O hyuck I miss the good 'ol days’uh Vainglory when Vox wuz a JUNGLER”

I mean, I just miss playing this game, a lot. It’s been a long time since I haven’t properly played, had the desire nor the joy to play, but I have such a craving for it today that I’m just gonna play all day. Literally gonna spend my entire day playing it. 5v5, 3v3, brawl, you name it. I’m gonna sink my teeth into this game and love it try to enjoy it.

I’ll come back and report later.

My return to Vainglory - a little story about what I experienced today

it’s been 26 minutes. that’s at least an average match. grats on making it this far


I’m taking notes as I go. I’m literally logging my entire day of play.

So far, not so good…


What server you on? Kinda wanna join


I’m on NA. Just finished the second match.


1.75 hours and only 2 matches looks like you are slacking


Want me to boost u?


I’ve been writing match descriptions per-match, and jotting down certain specifics of each match to present later.

So far I’ve had three matches, two of which were around 25 mins each, and one that was 17. Save for the 8-something queues and drafts of which were cancelled due to players declining / dodging, and the nearly 20 minutes total of queue time, I’d say it was pretty standard.


My height is perfectly fine! I can reach the window on my own!


But me have big shoulders. Me carry heavy team as long as we have 2 competent players including me kek. Completely dependant on role and hero ofc tho cause some require a good team to shine :^)


The hero Sovereign’s Rise both deserves and needs.


@dream are you, “The shadow in the rise that they hate but truly need”




Nuuu im EU. RipThis text will be blurred


Sorry sir, but you’re not an Ozo main, so you don’t have the legal right to say that.


Sh I play a good Ozo I am allowed to say it :pouting_cat: