Tier 9: Tier 4 renamed

I’ve had it. I remember why I stopped ranking years ago. It’s because t9 gold is worst tier on the planet. The least intelligent i’ve ever seen feed of t9 gold. I’m not player shaming these people - im shaming THE WHOLE TIER.

Either boosters have corrupted t9 entirely, or people collectively have a tier-long brainfart. WHAT THE ACTUAL ■■■■?!

It’s almost like chaos Q but in ranked. This leaves 0 gamemodes for me to enjoy. Everything is “unbalanced for fun.”

It’s ■■■■. I’ll forever be stuck in t9 gold, then decay to bronze, then rank up, then decay.

There’s no point. It feels like even if you were the best player ever, your teammates would still cause you to lose. What is going on?!

Take a look at this shit, a triple weapon where vox converted to cp and we still lost. This is just one example of tier 9 gold ranked match.

This is a personal rant but it has to do with the topic so I’ll say it. Ever since the tier change from t1 to t4, t9 is literally t6. But you see that was not entirely true because we had only one ranked game mode during that time, not two. So instead of everyone having lower skill in general you just ended up with more people in t8-t10.

Now we have two ranked queues both having terrible players in what we used to call “high tiers.” Now what is considered good is 2500+ ELO in 5s and 2650ish+ ELO in 3s. The reason why 5v5 is lower is because a lot of the good players are playing that instead/pros are now playing that only because it is the esport mode. Ranking up in both 5s and 3s is easy as hell if you were VG last year or the years before. Everyone are just sheep at all tiers in both modes (but more towards 5v5) except the players who I have referenced like two or more sentences ago.

You have people like Excoundrel who are literally talking about the EU meta and not even in NA. Sure its a good reference point but it doesn’t mean that you should take everything he says to heart. EU is typically elongated fights (I believe) and NA is all about bursting before getting bursted. (SG v. DE/NA v. EU).

I usually soloQ but from a very recent experience I will now choose when to soloQ/party up with people when there are very few good players playing. I’m back in the leaderboard for 5s even though I think its at the 90s when my highest was 30s or 40s. The worst part is when players still try to do the “oh CP jungle belongs in the top side of the map while WP jungle belongs in the bot side of the map” and " instalocking intensifies ". This game has become frustrating on so many levels rank wise.

The fact that I run into t9 players that don’t have all the characters is so much BS. Rank is so shit .

Maybe they are just so good. Good players go to tier 9 fast

This is actually quite an offensive statement. Do you know anything about autism?

It baffles me that people don’t seem to be able to discuss poor play without invoking some serious medical condition as the cause.

And by the way, I know at least one person with autism spectrum disorder who plays Vainglory quite well.


i play in both regions EU and NA , and i can tell you that NA is different , i get worst players in my NA account , while in my EU account games are the same or close to before .

like people used to say EU boosted , while i think the reality is the EU player way bigger than the NA , the leaderboard and how many people in high tiers is different , and the semc experiment with choas week made for NA only , because NA players are less than the other regions probably .

but honestly all the players in my friendlist , some of them were t6 gold or silver last season now they are t9 gold , and the barely t9 bronze now vg .

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I feel the same, before 5vs5 release even in t8 there were quite adequate players, in release it was kinda still around that, but after that all goes down. I guess the low players number leading to weaker players playing vs weaker players, lead to some a little bit less weak to rank up. t9g-t10 lows are FULL with weaklings that not only doesn’t have any clue how to draft/play/fight/think, but also have the ego of a pro player.

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No offense but its 3v3 people who were hard stuck hotness before the release of 5v5 are probably vg bronze

I know it’s bad but damn is it this bad?
All this implies that it might be possible for me to invest a day or two in rank and make it to T9.
Do playing in duo party matches you against other duos or not?

Since BR MM is dead right now, this might be my only chance to achieve T9 or 10.

3v3 Tier 9 gold isn’t what it once was… why? Well because everyone’s left 3v3 to play 5v5 resulting in poor quality in 3v3 (might be why your playing T9G now).

What I can’t understand is if you’re the troll Baptiste or the WP jungle kinetic who played WP despite Vox choosing it. Either way you’re kinda proofing my point about low skill tier players making tiers 9/10 especially since you duoq most of the time.

Actually, I do, considering my brother has severe autism.

The point wasn’t to make fun of autistic people, the point was to use a vivid word that envisions characteristics.

When you hear the word “Awful”, do you react overly? What about “autism?” A word tied to the ultimate destruction of the mind as your brain fails to put thoughts into words, comprehension of social structures into behavior, and movement consciously controlled.

Yes, I’m being offensive and dramatic, because this is exactly how I feel.

Offtopic rant

There’s been a problem with people being offended on behalf of other people. Because of my living situation, i’ve met and have studied with tons of autistic, bipolar, whatever people. We joke about anything and everything. You can’t control how someone will react, but I plead with everyone, please do not be offended FOR someone. That’s leaning towards political correctness. In case someone is actually offended by my post, (which I think is rather improbable, please understand I’m not degrading people with the actual illness. Thanks.

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It wasn’t THIS bad before. I could barely believe it myself when people would draft so horribly and show a complete lack of basic skills like map awareness or show increasingly unneeded toxicity.

You would think so close to vg people would be good, but nooooooooo.

But that’s exactly what you did… You looked at bad play in a video game and called it autism. You meant to insult those players specifically, and you reduced a medical condition to a slang word meaning unskilled or bad. That’s offensive, and just because you didn’t think it was doesn’t mean you’re the one who decides it.

I get what you were trying to say, but you could have easily said it without insulting a whole group of people. It doesn’t really matter if you can joke about it with people you know, because this is a public forum, not a place of just your friends and people who know your living situation. So try to remember that next time, please?


In that case, I’m even more surprised that you use the term so lightly.

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Fair enough.

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Okay I’ll take the bait.

I am offended by your post and am Autistic.

You are using the word autistic completely wrong. For it is not the destruction of the mind it is the difficulty to deal with the input from your surroundings. Those surroundings can be completely silent and still be overwhelming!

Autism is all about overcoming your own problems and adapting and learning to cope with life.

And before you try to slash me down I have classic autism not some mild form…

I have spend my entire life fighting to stay standing and I won’t have someone like you slur my kind!

You are still a neurotypical person trying to comprehend outside behavior and defining that behaviour.

Of anything Autistic should be diligent and persevering instead of an insult.

Negative behaviour you might see is almost always a single stone tumbling down a mountain while containing an entire avalanche of boulders! The inner struggle is something very hard to describe let alone comprehend.

Xaldarian out.

(An old forum member was one of the best players I know and also autistic.)


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