Tier 10 bronze is so toxic

Trolls… trolls trolls…

How do i even climb up! And party sucks too…
I need a right team for party

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Honestly, once I hit t10, I’m quitting. I’ve been stuck in t9 for way too long. Couldn’t imagine wanting to go higher

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Mainly matchmaker fault, tho the main reason for it is the super small playerbase nowdays and the short que times doesn’t help. I rarely play balanced match (something I almost always had in 3vs3, like 85% a good match). Now in 5vs5, I almost always end up with clearly inferiour/superiour players in one of the teams leading to one sided games.

Ive hit bronze 10 already and trust me, it’s annoyingly toxic which is the reason I stopped soloq-ingn

Ive just been playing BR and lvling up my Rare talent for Lyra :tipping_hand_man:


The reason for that toxicity is because most players once they hit 10B realise one thing: skill tiers doesn’t matter. This leads them to actually not care about ranked, so they play for fun rather than for climbing.

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That piss me off… i want to rank otherwise I would have casual??

The higher people climb the more inflated their ego gets plus the higher you climb the more you’re likely to get beginners on your team or face parties as a solo. Tbh if you cant cope with toxicty just don’t bother.

But people are selfish and don’t care about other thing than having fun, even if they ruin the match for the rest of the players. That’s what happens when the game reaches a point where rank doesn’t matter anymore like it used to.

This sounds like a jab at my message but i’ll respond as if it wasnt.

Ive climbed high into VG and It hasn’t influenced my ego in any way. I have patience when it comes to low tiers and I dont act toxic back in any sort or form unless its targeted at me. Its not guaranteeed that the moment you become a higher tier, your ego inflates.

Maybe in EU :mask:

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I feel personally attack jdjdjdjdjjd

Lemme attack you with my lvl 18 rare lyra talent. huehuehue

Why would i jab i barely know you how would i know if you’re ego is inflated or not don’t be so insecure. Most tier 10 players have inflated egos doesn’t mean i am instigating that you’re one of them obviously some remain humble

Idk just a feelin :sleepy:

Ik about you from watching Xenos streams so :flicker:

I quit after reaching T10 Bronze

From T10B to T10S is a veeery long journey
Sometimes even longer than reaching T10B itself

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what is that supposed to mean ?

The last part didnt mean anything, just that I see you alot on Xenos stream

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Yes, its toxic af. I m one of those toxic scrubs. Guess why? Cos people play CP joule, play koshka into lance and krul, play vox into celeste, etc etc and then we reach a stage where you realize, everyone just sucks and no one really is at your level. Very rarely do you get teammates that have the potential to do anything. And for some reason, if you lose a game due to a shitty teammate, the next game you get a shittier teammate. Last week i fell from poa gold to poa bronze, cos i got scums repeatedly. They are so bad, you cant even carry them. If they dont exist, id probably take all the farm and still 2v3 the opponents. I remember a game yesterday when i carried with cp idris. I had a cp saw troll cos someone else took lane. The laner mishits the minions and the pro cp saw exists only for last hitting jungle farm. So i get no farm. Still i m like 9/2/3 and they keep feeding. They know their ass is getting carried hard, yet they wont let me take farm cos dem got their big fat ego. And then next 3 games i got stormcrown koshkas. First item sc, 2nd item broken myth. Who wont be toxic lmao. And generally i get these scrubs and later even if i get decent teammates, the moment they do something shitty, ill start being toxic cos i m tilted from all the trash. Just 2 days back i met an old forumer in ranked. Hes some t8 scrub whos showing me his attitude. I never even told him i knew him. He was playing churn and instead of protecting me(who was legit carrying the game) from opp jungler, he was helping SC koshka who had no defense, against vox and still lost a 1v2 lol. And when i meet him next game, i tell him that if he had protected me, wed have won the game. And he starts being toxic and steals all my farm and pings me throughout the game. And i match him for the next 2 games and same story. Majority of the people are boosted to t9 and they think they too highly of themselves lol. They get matched with me and when i try to correct them, they do the opposite just to show how wrong i am and we lose games. And hence, even I get toxic :smiley:
Tbh most of the t10s i know play silently and play really well. Its the t9s that piss me off.

It’s not matchmaking entirely. The algorithm is indeed not the greatest, favoring faster matches with less accuracy, but the dwindling playerbase and the fact that skill level has been greatly watered down. T10 now is equivalent to T6 from S0. Back then, you’d actually have to have good mechanics, good map awareness, and a good understanding of macro and micro play.

These days, nearly anyone can achieve T10 by just grinding. I’ve seen some still use the recommended build selector.

To be real, once you reach T10 B you’ve beaten the game more or less and a lot of high ranked players display this fact through their behavior in other modes like Casual and Blitz. I see a ton of tier 10s in high elo Blitz (2300 to 2400 elo) running troll picks and picking trash talents for no reason. It’s obvious they just don’t give a damn anymore.

In addition to being awful for Casual players, Vainglory offers nothing to higher ranked players.

Either they turn to trolling and throwing or they just quit.

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Why was this flagged though? /30

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