Three correlating issues in Vainglory

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What is the general consensus of the community in regards to Soloq? Well mainly almost everybody claims that Soloq ranked or casual - especially in lower tiers - are a pain to play through which all generally lead to the following statement:

SoloQ sucks!​

Well that has been an ongoing issue for a while now. But today I will try to explain as to why it is the way it is. But before I can talk about why Soloq sucks for most people I will need to touch upon two other points.

Issue #1: Hard-carrying
But PT that’s the only way we can climb out of ELO™ Hell and carry these scrubs in low tiers.​

While that may be true for the individual that believes in the previous statement, I believe it’s a detriment to the community as a whole.

How so?

Well the main reason as to why I believe Hard-carrying is bad is because it leaves the wrong impression and idea to your not-so-excelling teammates. By going in a match and carrying your team as, say, Blackfeather, Skye, or Ozo (cue laugh track) they are impressed by the plays you make, the amount of kills you get, and how you had the match in the bag. Amazed by your skill as previously said heroes, they’ll fell so inclined to play them that if you run into them later on you’ll probably see them solely playing the hero (or another hero) you played with them in that match before.

While it is a nice feeling inspiring people to play certain heroes and have them follow in your virtual footsteps, they may not be very good at the hero (or they’re just god-awful at playing them). But they still have that impression if they go play as only a damage dealing hero, they too can make outstanding plays and win matches easily. Which we all know doesn’t turn out that way more than half of the time.

Well what can we do about it?

Well what I have in mind is we could teach these lower tiered/newer players the true fundamentals in playing the game we all know and love. Things such as:
Learn the importance of team building and teamwork
Take the time to explain what to do, how to do it, and why with certain heroes
Explain to them that the Roam Captain role is just as important as a Carry or Jungler

Issue #2: There aren’t as many Captains/Roam in soloq as one would hope.
This is pretty common grievance throughout the community and I have felt the same pain in the past. Nowadays I really do not grief over the fact that I have to roam the 100th time in a month since I do enjoy playing the Captain(I still don’t like the name change)role.

But anyways back on topic.

In order to see people progress to play the Captain role more often, you have to bring in your Ethos - bring the hook, line, and sinker as to why the Captain role is not only vital, but also fun. (And of course there needs to be a shift in dynamics jungle wise to make roaming a little better, but there are other threads for that)

And while this sounds ludicrous, this will actually require you to add these people (yeah this sounds crazy reading it, right?) and actually discuss the game, not adding them to throw half-assed insults and berate them for not achieving your expectations. But if we don’t take the time and effort to reach out to these people who solely believe the carry/jungle role is the only way to roll, then it leads to the final problem, which is also the original issue:

And this is it people. The main reason why most people feel that soloq sucks is not only because of the aforementioned points, but also because we make it suck. We(or at least most of us, and this includes me as well) don’t put in our part to actually take the initiative to reach out to the people who aren’t skilled and keep repeating the same mistake and following a bad example.

This is the main reason, I believe, that produces the majority of the salt and toxicity throughout Vainglory. And why these 3 points connect and correlate with each other - more so like a cycle: The Salt Cycle.

Feel free to discuss whether if there are any more issues or if you think otherwise. I’d like to hear what you all think.