Threads are conversation windows

Threads on this forum are giant chat windows with an original topic.

The threads are then thrown off topic and that continues to happen. Age old threads are kept alive as chat windows instead of new on topic threads being created.

The threads are too splintered and will not be pushed back by new threads like in general where there is a natural decay like on the old forums.

I propose we make new threads and stop using old threads to talk on.

If the mods feel that splitting a topic is needed, we can do that. So far, I’ve seen very few that need that. Scattering duplicate topics all over the place isn’t going to be helpful in any way.

Nowhere did I say duplicate threads.
Most threads are way off topic by now…
People continue conversations in old threads derailing threads further.

On the old forum stuff like this got you warnings lol…

If you think someone is purposefully derailing a thread, you should report it. If others agree with you, and also report something, the post will be hidden until the poster edits it to be back on-topic. Moderators can override the reports to avoid bandwagoning.

That said, I haven’t seen too much derailing happening, to be honest. Some threads are going long and naturally evolving into different areas of discussion, but as long as people aren’t actively derailing, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think we’re in a neat spot right now where the forum has only been around for one major cycle of the now-main game mode. Once the next update comes, we’ll get balance changes and new threads to replace those older ones.

Did you have any threads in mind that you think are better off being multiple threads? If you link them I can have a better idea of what you might be specifically upset about.


It’s somewhat a product of the era of the internet / communication that we’re in honestly

It wasn’t like this on the old forum

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