Thoughts on WP Taco in 3.4

So since WP taka got some buffs this update,I decided to try him out.
I got shit on in the early game by the Tony and fortress combo and the petal was doing quite a bit of work too.

Luckily the Catherine and Skye were playing really well so we were able to get some picks and turn the game around in the mid game. I was able to burst Celeste, Idris and Petal really easily with my X-Retsu auto attack Kaiden auto attack combo in the late game. All in all his wp path feels really good now. What do you guys think?


I think he is more than viable now.

I’d go as far as wp meta pick…

On paper he is now a meta hero, not seen him played much but that might change as people are still working out what’s viable.

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