Thoughts on Reza

The buffs on his Scorcher makes his laning phase way better. If you put points into it he basically becomes a 1v1 monster in lane. Probably the best top laner right now since his build path was never reliant on Crown (there is a build where you just go to AS immediately at the start that’s been going around). If you play him in top, you will 100% win a 1v1 and can still win if their jungler supports their bot (assuming you’re that good).

Other than that, the buffs on his ult makes gap-closing and counter-engages so easy as well as escapes. There is virtually no time to dodge his C effects as a squishy carry anymore unless you have a dash. The damage he puts out just after his Aftershock spike (6-8min as top) is incredible.

At the same time, I think he’s one of those heroes who’s rewarding for players with great mechanics, who are able to dance around the fight and get onto key targets without getting locked down and just weaving in out of teamfights. Players who can’t execute are apparent compared to the ones who can, so I don’t think he’s overpowered to the point that literally anyone can play him well.


HIs scorcher “buff” was just an animation update to match his hitbox, he just needs some numbers toned down and he should be good

Not only, he got it flying faster now. Pretty much everything in his kit is faster now. A fireball, B Reza himself, Ult the landing.

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yeah, but they are mostly QoL that make him more smooth and better to play as. Once some more numbers are tweaked, he should be a great hero

Yeah I agree. I absolutely love the way he plays right now. But his A was actually buffed if you can land it as it travels further (Celeste’s range actually) and it’s faster.

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hmmmm i thought the animation was changed to just fix his the hitbox of his A…
ok, well thats gonna be nerfed

The speed increase is actually a big deal because it is harder to dodge now. Reza landing his A sets up everything else. It is actually the buff that needs to be reverted back to what it was pre-3.3. Everything else is fine.

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Oh wait, that was a thing too >.< I’d kinda like to see it scale with level like skaarfs spitfire if it doesn’t already (the speed).

The hitbox got hugely reduced though. It’s much harder to land now. From my experience it is harder to land in general but it has better potential as it travels more and is faster.

Skaarf’s A doesn’t scale anymore. Now it’s always fast haha.

Reza is now part of the perma ban club yay


Wonder when will Lorelai, Joule, Phinn be next

Lorelai doesn’t need a buff she’s a top tier captain in high elo. Besides Lyra who’s in a league of her own she’s one of the best captain picks with the likes of churnwalker and tony.


I watch streams from pro players and they don’t seem to pick her at all lol

Eu high elo* its not played in Na as far as i am aware

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I don’t get the EU love and NA zero use. I need to watch more EU matches, but I think she is better as a CP Top laner. She can protect a hard carry during team fights and if ignored she will stack a DE and just AA people to death.


Can anyone explain me, what’s the difference between top and bot? They are just mirrored? No?

Top lane you are facing your opponents bottom lane which means you usually need to have someone who isn’t too squishy as currently the meta for bottom is bursty hero’s like gwen

Top lane is considered the hard lane. You probably won’t get much help from the Roam (who will be mid) or the Jungler (who will be near bot more often). You will often face two heroes and one will have a WP buff. The benefit of Top is you will probably get solo lane farm which will allow you to level quickly. So if you are level dependent for power spikes and can escape well or farm under turret, this is a good lane for you.

Bot lane is considered the easier of the two lanes because you will have a Jungler often there to help gank. You also will be able to get ambient gold from your jungle and maybe even the WP buff. This is a good lane if you need gold, but expect the Jungler to leech experience. This is a good lane if you are rushing items for power spikes.


Only downside to his buffs: everyone wants to ban him NOW. After all this time. It is what it is.

Watch L3oN play it if Lyra is not open that’s what he plays