Thoughts on 5v5

Hello everyone,

So it’s been a couple weeks since 5v5 dropped and I thought I would share my current views of the mode with you all. Sadly, unlike most of you all, I feel I’ve been left disappointed by 5v5. There is, in my opinion, way too much snowballing for the map. I see that once a team has an advantage, they tend to have little to no fights and just pick off towers untill the ultimate goal is accomplished and they get Blackclaw, and push for the win. Speaking of Blackclaw, the dragon is WAY to tanky. A whole team can engage on the beast and it will still be able to take one of your turrets. Turrets either need to be buffed or Claw needs to be nerfed so that his health is less. Since we are on dragons, Ghostwing is another issue. I feel like the buff is significant in the beginning, but does barley anything at late game. Some scaling needs to be introduced to keep this guy around.

Do I think this is just 3v3 with 2 extra people- no. This mode however, is leaving a bad taste in my mouth every game, as when I lose, I feel like I’m powerless to stop the enemy, and when I’m ahead, I don’t feel that a win is deserved. Some internal play changes need to be made soon, because I’m really starting to lose faith in the game as a whole, with ranked confirm led for 5v5 not sounding like a fun time for me.



I currently love 5v5 right now, so expect a bit of bias since the mode is currently doing well with me.

I agree with your opinions on the dragons, so yee. I don’t think snowballing is that significant, but it does contribute to whether you will win or lose. I’ve lost quite a bit of games where my team is on the lead with gold, items, levels, etc. but the other team won bc we had poor map awareness while pushing with Blackclaw.

Speaking of which, I think 5v5 highlighted my most glaring issues in playing (i think we can all agree on that).

Right now, 5v5 is still practically a baby, similar to how 3v3 was a snowball game before getting more balanced. So let’s give it more time.

I think both the above posts have very valid points. For myself, I want to love 5v5, but I just don’t (yet?). I find the map less charming visually than the Fold, the AFK rate is ridiculous, and the matchmaking is so bad that feels like Mobile Legends with better graphics.

I think the chances are good that matchmaking will improve very soon. AFKs I am less sure about, though I’m hopeful that as players get better matches and become more familiar with the rhythm of the game, they’ll stop dropping out.

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Currently playing with a good party can lead to insane snowball wins Which contributed to my insane recent record in 5v5. Sheesh. Once ranked hits I’m sure the matchmaker will improve significantly and games will become more balanced and enjoyable. I only have a problem with the squishy turrets and specific hero balance. Otherwise I have had a good time in 5v5 if at least one or two other players in my team are competent in soloq kek