This weekend's event: the return of ARAL

So, after playing ARAM all week, I just played my first ARAL match this patch … and hated it. I guess I’d forgotten how much I despise talents … after all the fun I had this week playing entirely talent free brawls (Rumble and ARAM), ARAL was a total disappointment.

I won’t be playing that mode any more. It’s back to Rumble for me for now, I guess.


Im on the same boat, being pushed to play ARAM gotten me used to the feel without talents while maintaining some basis of the og BR mode.

Probably wont play ARAL again as well…


Im just gonna ARAL til i finish the event then back to Rumble


Same, i need that sunlight, so I will have to do it.

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yea ARAL isnt as fun as ARAM

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