This update is pretty damn good

They fixed a lot of the graphical/artistic issues (although I still have a few complaints).
But what surprised me is this:

The water now reflects the enviornment :yum:

You can see it especially well with the little tower decoration in the first clip (top & middle of the screen, half cut off), and the tree in the second clip.

Well done, SEMC! :grin:


On a side note, after all the sexualizing discussions, a thicc gwen skin is released (which despite being sexualized i think its the most beautiful rendition of her )


Her in game skin is awesome.

Splash art is over done. Boobs popping out like her bra is too small…

The camera is so snappy now, it’s such a joy to use.

It seems to me that since 2.12, they’ve adjusted the viewpoints slightly in both overhead and zoomed in modes in 5v5 – they seem more “correct” to me now. Anyone else notice an improvement here, or am I dreaming?

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No you’re totally right. Camera feels farther away too, I find myself switching between both standard and zoomed and it’s a pleasure to use both. It’s way more responsive and it feels corrected area wise for sure.