This tank-top, push-bottom meta has to stop

TL;DR: the bottom carry(and jungler) have too much weight in 5v5 matches and my suggestion to fix that would be to make mid-lane harder to push. My long post just explains why I think this

This meta is so annoying and ridiculous. The tank-top push-bottom metas puts a lot of faith into the bottom carry. They’re essential they backbone of the team while top tank is essentially useless if the enemy team bottom pushes harder and stronger. Right now usually the jungler will excessively gank the bottom lane and keep the enemy top carry from farming as best as possible this is why majority of players choose a tank to top because they survive better and don’t need an expensive build(they won’t be able to afford an expensive build when they’re farm is gone). Usually the bottom carry is the one who has to carry the team now and everyone else is dependent on them because if the enemy bottom pushes harder and farms better they’re simultaneously depriving the top tank of farm and gaining more farm so now you have a bottom carry who is weaker then the enemy bottom, a top tank who is weaker then the enemy top, and generally the jungler will follow after the bottom carry so they become weaker or stronger dependent on them. It’s not a matter if the top tank does well or not it’s a matter of how well the bottom does. This is a meta that gives too much of the matches outcome to one teammate in a team with 5 players.

This type of meta was ok for 3v3 because you only had one lane and three players so it made sense that someone was gonna be the more prominent carry but in 3v3 it took the effort of both the jungler and support to make the carry strong so even if the carry had the most damage and money the jungler and support still matter; and this was vice-versa even when we had jungle carry metas because the lane was still important no matter the meta, in 3v3 everyone always matter even if it was carry focus meta.

In this 5v5 meta it doesn’t matter how well the Tank, mid-carry, and support did in their lanes and I don’t mean how well they farm but I mean how well they farmed and survived based on the amount of lane pressure they received from the enemies because the tank top position can only do so well when they have two dps constantly harassing them. If the enemy team has a bottom carry who farmed better they’re stronger than your bottom carry and the enemy bottom carry can only get stronger if they put enough pressure on the Ally tank top so you always have the ally tank top being weaker while the enemy bottom carry and jungler stronger therefore your bottom carry and jungler are weaker. I know this sounds confusing but these things are all dependent on one another and are in most cases have the exact same outcome.

My suggestion to this would be to make the midlane harder to push. As of now the midlane is too easy to push so it requires that the support stick with the mid-carry majority of the farming stage because losing the lane would be to big of a punishment. If the midlane was harder to push this would an insensitive for the support to go top more and help out the top tank and maybe we as players could have more options for the top lane seeing as the lane wouldn’t just be an easy farming lane for the bottom lane anymore. This is just my thoughts on the 5v5 meta, maybe I’m wrong but I really dislike this meta because it puts so much of the matches outcome on one(or two if you count jungler) players hands and makes me feel useless at times when I play a position that isn’t bottom(or jungler). I think every role should have a more important part and it would not cause as many players to tilt since they don’t feel like they’re losing because of someone else at times.

Mid lane is already a very safe lane so playing safe as mid isnt hard. Buffing mid turrets means longer game

Games are short as is and ques are long so I wouldn’t mind it.


The method just has the most success. But it all comes down to comps. If u draft properly a 2 man top and 1 bot lane may be more effective. Getting better at invading and sneaking is what changes things up.

I would agree with you if we were able to communicate properly and set up ganks. That’s the problem, you can’t test the meta without someone rage quitting. Literally my last 3 ranked matches a person raged quit, two on my side two matches and one on the enemy team a match. People don’t get they way and you don’t follow their definition of meta they quit, trolls, afk it’s so ridiculously. Literally my last match our Baron raged quit and didn’t do nothing after getting ganked ONCE* decides to do nothing the entire match then I go 4-0-1 by the ten minute mark with my teammates picking up some kills then he wants to try again sad part is he is able to farm past most of us and actually get some kills along the when he tried. But it was too late the enemy team got too far ahead and we know there are no come backs in this game. My point is he wasn’t that bad and if he would’ve we would’ve easily won but he just wants to quit already and the match didn’t even start. We need more fucking good damn communication in this game I’m so tired of relying on vague pings.

Yeah now that you mention it we’re missing so many important pings in this game. “Clear your lane” and I feel the rest of the dialogue I can possibly think of like “Push lane” can be filled up with question mark ping. The ? ping was probably one of the most useful pings aside from the caution ping. The green ping and the target ping are basically the same sht and serve no different purpose. Its just that one is more toxic than the others.

Idk why the VG community needs to be babied so much either. When the bot laner is doing jckshit but the top laner is managing to handle a 2v1 and has good CS the jungler should obviously come to the top lane and wreck shop. Instead the bot laner dies in a 1v1 for being garbage and the enemy top lane takes all of the bot jungle. Another thing is that the bot lane jungle is more powerful than the top lane jungle so doesn’t it make sense to just go to the enemy bot jungle and take everything? Too bad everyone is too scared to do so.

People can put Kensei bot and everyone else can keep on invading enemy red while Kensei gets free farm because enemy always plays utility top. That idea is inspired because I managed to pull it off along with stealing the enemy blue jungle. So we had control of 4 jungles (=entire map). Phinn AFK’d though because gabevizzle was streaming and he’s a streamer himself too. I was level 8 when everyone was level 4.

Also Excoundrel’s videos only apply to EU meanwhile everyone in NA is going crazy over him and it makes no sense. He failed to mention Flicker top and called top lane the most boring and then proceeded to talk about only captain heroes and Reza. Its honestly funny.

If you ever feel like playing top play Flicker and you can easily do a team invade or solo invade and possibly get some farm off. When you are gonna do a team invade go to the enemy blue and pass through places that probably don’t have vision and level up your B. Wait at a bush near the blue treant and when your team starts invading sandwich the enemy captain and mid. Ez two kills. Or if you feel like your teammates won’t do anything then go pass through the bushes that don’t have vision and level up your A. If the enemies don’t have vision in their jungle and they are at lane, then take their stuff. If they are there just wait patiently and steal whatever you want with your A (which despite being a DPS ability procs first so it steals right away. And I think I forgot to mention the fact that you can 1v1 the enemy bot laner.

Thats all I had to input I guess. The map is fine its just pings and people.

Playing mid lane is as hard as playing bot you have to keep trading blue side jungles, but if you get out-traded or you jungler isn’t their to contest when it spawns you lose both blue side jungles and mid lane is lost from there. I said it before jungle ambient is way too impactful it gets carries obsurdly fed when they get it and so far behind when they don’t, its the reason why the sidelane meta is so shit and mid lane can be lost with one mistake.