This kestrel legendary talent

I understand that the better talent coin you have the stronger you get, but I will never understand and admire Kestrel players who stay in the base and spam their ults because of the legendary coin talent they have. I don’t care of they’re on my team or not. This kind of play is dumb.

Like the entire talent system.


Tbh, her epic talent is worse. While her legendary talent is annoying to deal with, especially against the base spammers you mentioned, her ult is still relatively easy to dodge, more so with mobile heroes. However, her epic talent pretty much gives her an infinite amount of Glimmershots, which is really annoying if the Kestrel can reliably land them.


Not gonna lie, this is exactly what I would do if got this Legendary talent. It’s what I do with Baron’s, so Kestrel won’t be much different. Gets a good laugh out of most allies as six nukes bombard the teamfight from a non-existent Baron.


Whats not fun for you isnt not fun for them. They enjoy doing that so theyre gonna keep it going.