This is not fair Devs! LOL

WTF DUDES? You guys are not allowed to play in public!!! LOL I’m just kidding, it was fun.


12/2/12 for Nivmett playing Malene. Ouch.

Oh, just realized you played Malene as well… who killed you the most?


everyone! lol Malene is difficult!


Difficulty: Hard.

Yeah she seems OP but I suspect she takes time to take advantage of all of those abilites.

Watched TT YouTube yesterday and he was murdering people with her.

Oh that’s a spicy one. I’m dying.

Heccin p2w Nivmett :pouting_cat:


Well he is a Dev do they really have to pay for stuff in the game? :thinking:

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Of course playing Malene is hard… with THAT build.

Fun games :slight_smile:

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Skyeward has a pretty chill stream on Twitch, too, and is very kind. I once hit her up post-match to say thanks for the game and was greeted by kindness. SEMC devs are a nice bunch.

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They don’t have all talents unlocked…

I know your comment is half in jest, but I think some people are rather unfair about the devs. Especially the less populations. I’ve played games with devs and literally never had a problem - in part because I usually don’t try to force them into stuff.

One game I found MightyCamel soloqueing while in a high elo party, and he did fine - my party mates were hella toxic because he couldn’t save us 3v5 while my party mates were elsewhere doing god knows what. Frankly, I was surprised he didn’t start trolling because of how lousy and toxic my party mates were being - my attempts to salvage the situation would never be enough. They did nothing to help, he tried.

I’m sure there is a good sized grain of truth to the Dev toxicity thing, but I think a lot of it is entirely undeserved - I’ve never been toxic to them and they have always returned the favor. People act the same way about celebrities a lot of the time. -_-

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Yeah I was joking. I get devs are humans, everyone has bad hair days. :confused: