This Is Likely Farewell

Many thanks to the positive members and admins of this forum community for making Vainglory even more enjoyable. It is much appreciated… By all, I am sure.

Life is taking me in an exciting and busy direction, with a new job and a lovely little bundle of joy.

I simply don’t find the time, nor much interest in gaming (let alone VG). I may occasionally pop by these forums to say hey and see that’s going on, but it’ll likely be few and far in-between visits.

I’m not sure why I feel it’s necessary to post this, but, I do. It’s likely because of what i mentioned earlier - you’re all a great bunch. Keep being awesome! :smiley:

Signing off with happiness - Lebatron


Good on you for listening to the game’s “don’t neglect your loved ones for VG” splashscreen tip. Hope everything in your life goes well.


I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving us, but your reasons are good ones! Hopefully you can make it back from time to time to say hello!

Best wishes to you and yours!


This is one of the saddest news I could possibly read. You will be missed, however you can always come to say hello :wink:
Your positive view it’s always welcome.

Good luck in your incoming projects.


Alejandro “VaKTaBi”.


Rip, I will miss you and your positivity, though I’m happy for the reasons that are making you do it.

Good luck with whatever comes in the future!


Hey, you go enjoy your life, it’s far better than getting mad at idiots in ranked. Good luck with the Little one, and the new Job!


Enjoyed the games we played together man! You inspire me to try to be less of a hard ass on ridiculous players every day (somewhat unsuccessfully, lol)!

And enjoy the new direction life is taking you, it’s an experience of a lifetime, to be sure!

Hopefully in the future you might get a little free time to enjoy a Wild Rift game every once in a while, once that comes out.


I thought you "AI bot " made by a secret company and hired by semc to spread positivity about the game in its bad time , but then you made some salty posts and that made you a real player (human) , but with your recent posts about family stuff that’s too human which made me think that the AI trying to trick us , just kidding good luck man :grinning:


Well I really didn’t want to say anything since I really dont know what to say to make my message unique but Ill shall attempt.

Loved the multiple streams, bright mood/personality, and different PoV you have brought to the forums. :sunny_happy_3:

And though your going away, dont stay away for to long! :easter_happy_2: And also life updates are always cool too.

As @VaKTaBi had said already, you will be missed UwU


You’re all too kind! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all! :christmas_tree::gift:

Love to you all!

For those who have asked or are interested:

Life Update

Leb Jr remains as cute as ever. Sleep patterns have been established. It really isn’t all that bad! Still a lot of :new_poop::new_poop: but it’s all good. No hot fixes to him despite how OP he was. Even the devs seem effected by his perk.

The new job is off to a good start. Very exciting. I’m a head coach for a college varsity swim team. Recruiting is tough when you’re not hired until November (after many prospective student athletes (PSAs) have already signed their national letters of intent (NLI)), but it’s a fun challenge and I enjoy getting to know today’s up and coming adults better. Some good kiddos out there!

I’ve yet to play any game since the OP, unless you count the occasional Sudoku, so I’ll briefly peruse what’s going on here while I’m on for a brief moment.


Glad to see everything is going well hehehee

Merry Christmas too :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::gift::gift::gift:!!!