This is exactly why this forum is preferable to me over reddit

Whats hilarious is I have never trolled this person and I only started getting testy with him after he provoked it. He has literally held on to this un provoked grudge for about half a year now. This forum is much nicer then reddit in my opinion simply for this matter. Sure some of the members are a little toxic but not to this level.


smh reddit plebians

they can only be forgiven once they make a forum account.

Lmao this dude reminds me of that “I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals” meme

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Haha, yeah, totally, good stuff, dude.

Lol yeah man. If you have read a couple of his forum posts you quickly realize that he never blames himself for something bad and even if he does take a little responsibility he never specifies so that you cant peg him for what he did wrong (ex: I did a few things wrong, I didnt play to my best, I had a fault with 1 of my micro mechanics, etc.).

Seems about right from what you showed. I’ve never heard of this guy, but it sounds like I don’t want to.

It’s hard to go on because I can’t read through these tears in my eyes.

I’d like to think you know all this by heart, and didn’t just copy/paste it. Thanks though, that was great.

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